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Is there a modern equivalent of the classic "Texporter" UV-template utility for 3DSmax? Also is there any similar utilities for other 3d programs like Maya & Blender?
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dat packing.
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looks pretty bad to be honest, an experienced 3D artist will always beat an auto wrapper

i think UVlayout is what artists use, unfold3d looks pretty baller too.
UVmaster plugin is also something you should check out
just learn how to uv map. it isn’t hard at all lmao

I'm not after an auto-unwrapper at all and I already know how to UV unwrap. What I want is how this utility that renders the existing UV's but with polygon directions/planes rendered as colors as you can see in the examples.
you mean ID map or world space? seems like world space to me.
substance painter my man
It looks like world-space to me. Question is how do you do render-to-texture in world space? If i render a normal map in the settings I just get a flat color image. All tutorials ive seen expect a Highpoly + cage but how to make it work on just itself?
I think the Object Normal bake in TexTools may do what you want.
The trick is to use the same mesh for hi and lo poly, don't bother with cages. You can work this way to bake AO, curvature and world space normals. I'd recommend using Xnormal or substance. Substance (designer and painter) both have "use lo as hi" as a checkbox in their baker!
File: glock_tutorial.png (39 KB, 512x512)
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Thank you, TexTools Blender worked perfectly, Xnormal also worked decent but a tad slower, 3dsmax's textools plugin didn't have that feature, so the only way I could pull it off was duplicating the mesh, do a render to texture with Projection picked the duplicate, then set as World Space and unchecked "use cage" and it rendered. If there is a better way in max plz let me know.
if you want to bake world space without having a highpoly. just use the exact same lowpoly duplicate as a target. it should bake it
File: kHED_UV.png (157 KB, 512x512)
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Interesting, the defunct kHED program had a feature like TexPorter built in for rendering out UV templates.

Also best way for MAYA to do this or similar plugin?

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