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Hey, I'm a guy coming from engineering focused softwares like Solidworks and Inventor to Blender. It's taking some time to get used to, and somehow it all just felt more simplistic than a software going off of faces moreso than 3D bodies. Has anyone else made that kind of transition, and if so, do you have any advice?
Blender and Maya are art focused, you have to think more like an artist and less like an engineer when working with them. Now some edgy guy will tell you that blender is the worst, don't listen to them, if you have access to Maya good but blender is still a nice free option. It's all about propper topology and having fun.
Use 3Ds Max, Maya is good for animations, but not really great for modelling.
Max works best in combination with engineering tools, most of the other 3D tools don't, Blender included.
You can import inventor models into Max and vice versa.
Just pirate it, nobody gives a shit.
And ignore the Blender fanboys who will troll you.
Learn Sub-D modeling principles.
I will say that blender triggers my OCD a bit. I liked snapping to end and midpoints, the little guide that lines up with a point on an axis, stuff like that. Symmetry and stuff.
>Just pirate it, nobody gives a shit.
Sure, as long as you don’t do commercial.
>Use 3Ds Max, Maya is good for animations, but not really great for modeling.

I keep hearing this, but I have never really grasped how 3ds Max is better in modeling than Maya. I have tried to learn 3ds max but I have never gotten over its annoyances.
I would have to agree with him on that, at least from my point of view, Max is better for modeling, every time I try out Maya it's just incomprehensible to me how to make anything in a convenient manner. Maya was originally a nurbs modeler, so I suppose that the poly tools aren't really native to its workflow.
One of the things that I appreciate about Max is that it's context-sensitive about what you're doing to the point where there's not much reason to even have specialized workspaces, as you're always presented the tools relevant to what you're doing, while Maya just dumps the whole breadth of what it has on you all at once and leaves you to sort through the mess, at least that's how it seems to me. Hypershade makes me want to commit sudoku just looking at it.
It's probably not a big deal in the end-game where you're sufficiently experienced with the program to not even have to rely on the UI to do anything, but getting to that point is more convenient when the system eases you into things.

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