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Does anyone know of good courses or masterclasses on lighting? It can be for games, film, real-life, anything really.

I feel like I have a good *technical* understanding of lighting in my medium (UE4, already watched Lighting Academy), but am piss-poor on the *artistic* side of lighting.

I see the works of greats such as Koola, and feel like I have *no* idea what they even do to achieve good results with complex scenes. As soon as it comes time to do a lighting setup more complex than outdoors/indoors lit by an HDRI skydome, I'm completely lost and have to go by trial and error (which I feel is getting me nowhere).

Also, if Harley Wilson is still around, it'd be nice to hear how you do it.
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Photography resources are arguably the best for lighting theory, most of the parameters you have to deal with when utilizing a "physical" camera are the same, so you're not going to have problems translating various concepts.
Grant Warwick also has some good classes on lighting, and if you're a Max+VRay user in general, literally binge all of his stuff, it's good foundation for anything else you might want to learn.
It could be a good idea to have an actual camera and lights to play with so that you know what your "target" is when trying to recreate a certain look. It goes without saying that refrence material is the most important resource for art, which is a little complex when it comes to lighting because it's "unseen" in certain sense - you need experience to know how something was lit just by looking at it.

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