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anyone here worked in medical 3d field?
you always see those videos on science shows where the virus enters the body, or when plaque blocks the arteries.
i wonder what kind of skills are required to do such thing,seems like a fun job
You need to learn how to operate an electronic microscope
If you don’t know what to say, better shut your mouth.
you render the objects using regular lighting but with a color-reversed palette, then you invert it, making the shaded edges lighter.
well i didn't mean it like that

alot of those medical videos have a really bland presentation, so its mostly modeling and animation and less tinkering with lightning and composition. which is convenient if you just like the modeling aspect of 3d
Check one of the two last demo reels of Houdini, there’s one animation of DNA I believe that kicks ass.

If you can make it amazing on top of informative, you’ll rock like a boss.
Yup... I work in the biomedical animation industry.
We used to render that kind of look back in 2000... ESM style is rarely used in current gen biomed animations... everyone wants glassy, soft AO and massive depth of field :D
But - you can easily make that look by doing the following:
Noise bump map.
Falloff in the self illumination channel of your material (play with the falloff curves to control the glowing edge).
Falloff in other areas for color.
Don't even need to light the scene... don't sue glossy or reflective surfaces, keep everything matte.
what apps are you using ?

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