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>tfw I felt for the huh duh just sculpt your character using zspheres meme rather than making a good basemesh in blender
Don't forget to use Zsketch and projection master!
I bought Zbrush when it first came out for $99 but I hated the infetterance and sold it. Now I can’t even afford it
Upgrades included? That would have been a fucking good deal.
zspheres is only good for limbs
i agree that the skinning part is kinda fucked, i always inflate my mesh after skinning
File: 1519022966222.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
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are there any good tutorials for learning how to make a base mesh in maya for a realistic looking character? there's like one for cgpeers and it's for a female. there was a male one for max but do the tools transfer over fine for box modeling?
Yes. Find a tutorial for creating a basemesh in Blender. Then export that to Maya. Done.
You just suck.
I use Blender every day, but I still sculpt most things from a sphere.
File: DQvcmESVQAEPFXC.jpg (74 KB, 708x949)
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I don't like them either, but this was my first ZBrush model this year and our teacher told us to make a basemesh with ZSpheres. We didn't get to animate it, we just sculpted it, but the result was pretty good for a new Zbrush user i would say.
Now I start with 3dsmax and i find it way easier but hey
Are ZSpheres really a bad method of making a base mesh for an animation rig?

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