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How did C4D get so big and is still getting more popular with shit like all the Autodesk and SideFX programs around + Blender being free?
Its 28 years old, it was there right from the beginning.
C4d got big in the Broadcast/TV, advertising and motion graphics area. It was always cheaper than Maya and the others (except Lightwave) and could get the job done.
Doing simpler less complex stuff was always faster with C4d than with Maya or Max or Houdini.

Why would you hire a Maya or Houdini operator for a day when you can get the shit done in less hours with a cheaper license?
It also helps tremendously when the training of such an worker takes less time because the software is easy to learn.

Its simple economics. Still applies today.
Customers in Advertising and Visualization often demand Arnold or Redshift as render, so Blender is out of the game.
MoGraph is still the best solution for that area of expertise, Mash doesn't push it from the throne.
Houdini can do more but takes longer.

C4d gets shit done and is still faster and less expensive than other solutions.
Since learning Houdini is still orders of magnitude more difficult than C4d, despite the lower price of Houdini Indie i don't see it as an direct danger (for now).
the program was built around vfx, and it good a really good default render
I used to own this software around version 12 and I’m still kicking myself in the ass for selling it. Got a nice shirt from Maxon as well but it was a Medium and I’m a Large
It started on the Amiga and was kinda big there, just like Lightwave.
Others missed the opportunities related to motion graphics, Maxon filled that niche.

It's a competent tool, but you absolutely need plugins(like every other 3D package). The UV and character tools need some attention by the devs.

Also, it's too pricey for what it does.
>it's too pricey for what it does.
I mean it does everything Maya or Max does and its much cheaper than them and for everything it fucks up you can use Blender anyway. Houdini is cheaper i think but using it its a fucking chore
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just grab a serial number, it's all you need and it's not exactly hard

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