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I got this old copy of Maya 7 Unlimited and I was wondering what is the fastest thing I can put this on that will work 100%?

I know the Quadro 4500 is certified but what about newer hardware. It can still be old just newer. Like say an fx3800 or a Titan.

What about ram and cpu compatibility? I am curious because the only real options would need to support Windows xp or Vista, old versions of Suse, Fedora, OS10, maybe a few others.

Pretty sure you newfags are too young to even know who Alias/Wavefront was but thought I'd ask anyway.
Excellent. I'll relay the message to my team members.
Ps. Learn blender
I still got boxed copies of Maya 1 to 5. My former employers...misplaced them. *cough*
Honestly though, is Blender more powerful in its current form than this version of Maya?
memes aside its really hard to answer.
i think 2.8 slightly edges maya, but its not out yet
In what? Rigging? Skinning? Animation? Basically Maya's core strength.
i can't outright say that blender animation and rigging is better than maya's, because people have grown to like certain things and will attack anyone who disagrees with them.

This version doesn't even have an inset tool. If you want to model and animate, it's great. For modeling it's absolute ass (and it still is by today's standards).
I box model everything. Can't stand the new modeling toolkit trash in the new versions of Maya as it just slows me down to a crawl. Its still better than the UI of blender though.
I'd really use a somewhat newer version like 2010 or so. Maya 7 was meant to be run on Windows NT4.

You don't need to use the modeling toolkit at all, you can work just by using the pie menus. The toolkit is only useful for beginners who need to get familiar with the tools.
It actually ran the best on XP and OSX.

I might already be using newer versions of Maya. If I am, you can bet the legality of their use is questionable.

Maya 7 is perfectly capable even without the gay inset tool the other poster so desperately needs. I've never used or heard of it for that matter.
Sure I don't. But I still need to mel script all the tools back that autodesk decided to hide or rename and hide due to the stupid modeling toolkit.
Anyway, looking back and hardware certification. Seems like most hardware that qualified didn't change much until maya 2011. So I'd say whatever hardware was out around 2009-2010 should be perfectly compatible.

A core 2 extreeme or older i7, i5, quad intel with a quadro like an xcm 4700x2 or maybe even a quadro 2000/4000/5000

Other stuff might work but I'll need to check old forums and see what people were having success with. I've read the gtx700 series does well but no idea how the hardware overlay or viewport render is.

I could also research way maya and mental Ray was using and find hardware that supports it.
Xcm meant gtx
Dumb autocorrect
Bought an old pc with a core 2 quad and a quadro fx 3800 for about $110

Installing xp pro x64 today.
Why would you go backwards? Like wtf is wrong with you

If you mean hardware. It's to guarantee Maya 7 works properly.

If you mean Maya 7 itself. It's because maya 2018 costs $1,500 per year.

Doesn't mean I'll exclusively use Maya 7
It just means I wanna make sure my license works. Nostalgia trip too.

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