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Hey /3DCG/ I have an honest inquiry, so I am currently enrolled for a 3D Visualisation course and our assessment has us assigned to create a an asset pack for an environment of our choice within the program 3DS Max. My group chose to do a post apocalyptic urban environment, and we've realised that modelling a car will be one of our more difficult tasks to do, especially if we'd want to make it look slightly damaged. Our group's skill is somewhat basic and we have a thorough understanding of the interface and have reference modelled as well. I just need some general tips and advice on how to model a car in 3ds Max
The carwindow is broken with shards sticking up... 3D modelers have literally no goddamn touch with reality.
And what is wrong with that? I can show you multiple photo examples if you need them.
Oh, I know what you're probably saying. Why would somebody break the top part instead of the bottom part of the window if he will stick his hand in.
Car windows does not break into shards.
And the artist have never seen a rusty car as well outside a computergame.
Mofo, have you ever tried googling "broken car window"?
Do it yourself fool. Look at how the window spiderweb fucking retard. Kys
I'm telling you that there are plenty of examples on google images showing that you are wrong, but I'm not gonna waste my time on you. Look at image results and you'll see shards just like in the OP at the bottom. Yes, shard in real life, not in video games.
Retared deluxe, still tryhard to duck even when proven wrong. Carwindows spidernet into small pieces. Your window breaks in big shards. When are you going to tell us to google rusty car to prove your shit texture is realistic too? You suck and your artskills suck. You said you had tons of examples your cuckcar is realistic, yet the evidence shine with it's absence.
Lol, that is not my work... You are changing subjects. It is true that they crack like a spiderweb, but you were talking about shards on the bottom, which are completely normal irl.
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>this fucking thread
>I just need some general tips and advice on how to model a car in 3ds Max
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kek, this

my advice? download a free quality car model somewhere and reverse engineer how the topology was created, see how the flow is done and how the details are executed. if you're a noob at modeling and wanna start doing a car from scratch with no ref, you'll wanna blow your brains out after 4 hours

for any modeling, the best approach is: do a rough useable blocking of the general shape, subdivide where needed to add details as you move forward, keep clean quads as much as possible, and finally tweak all vertices that seem off as a last polishing step

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