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Hey /3/. Do you remember our board used to play in 4chan's football cup? The team has been inactive for more than 2 years mostly because the rules required a person to step up as manager. However rules have changed and now a board can participate without provided they have sufficient interest in having a team play.

>the 4chan what?
4chan has a sitewide football/soccer tournament every 3 months for like 1000-2000 viewers played on PES AI vs AI with teams representing each board and players are named after things on the board. The main reason it’s on PES rather than FIFA is because of the modding potential that allows increasingly elaborate models to be loaded into the game. Here’s a gallery of some notable ones:

/3/ is obviously a board that has modelling potential so if you’re interested in seeing the team come back, take this survey:

If interest is confirmed we could start the process of refreshing the team. Speaking of wich you can find a link to the “””current””” /3/ roster below (from Autumn 2015 mind you); if you have suggestions for a much needed do over, feel free to post them in this thread.

Too many words, not enough 3D
In the imgur album
File: LXKvbvz_d.jpg (13 KB, 640x360)
13 KB
Although here's how /3/ used to look two years ago
The headless biker is the best one
File: 1501360845974.jpg (53 KB, 894x710)
53 KB
/n/ 's bikes provide some good hilarity
>provided they have sufficient interest in having a team play
We don't.
Nobody cared even when we "used" to play, it was basically just one or two guys doing everything and /3/ didn't give (m)any shits.
File: qfqxvx.png (32 KB, 650x353)
32 KB
Yes, back in 2015 there were "mercs"; people managing slow boards for personal e-fame without actually caring for them.

I want to make clear that's not my goal here, even though I want to see /3/ come back, it's not worth it without actual interest (also the idea is to be autopilot to avoid e-personality shenanigans).

So far some people are interested, I'm posting the current roster for reference, suggestions to refresh it are more than welcome.
>nothing about donuts
Totally agree, that's why if this comes to fruition, it needs ideas to update the roster
How good are those autopilots compared to regular teams?
Didn't we have a dorf player back then? What happened to him?
They lack flexibility. Before the cup every team hand over their tactics, some things like the players are set in stone for the duration of the cup, but formations and tactics can be adapted for each match. Autopilot teams rely on their initial tactics and therefore can't adapt so they are more vulnerable on the long run.

Sacked back in 2014
Sounds like autopilots have it hard
What are tactics that can work for that?
I helped one of those teams awhile back with some model work. I'll forward the thread so the maybe 3 guys who actually care about this on /3/ can have some help.
There are no miracle tactic and on top of that a lot of things are at the mercy of PES' random nature

The poll would have a basic tactical section for people to choose which archetypal style to run

I'd wait until polling is done though, but there's not worry to have about models
Team Creme endorses this idea.
They are all shit, except for /cgl/
File: 3.png (356 KB, 999x598)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Alright folks, the cup adminstration gave the green light for /3/ to compete this spring as autopilot, thanks for everyone who voted!

The poll to sort out all the stuff will happen on Friday, until then there'll be a nomination period during which you're very welcome to leave suggestions on the following points:

Current roster is from 2015, you can find it here >>611623
If you have new player ideas or want to bring back old players (here's a list of past /3/ players for reference: https://pastebin.com/VApay1yn) or if you have a renaming suggestion, please list them either in this thread or in this pad:


The poll proper will ask you to rate each current and new player, the 23 players with the highest average rating will make to team, and the top 5 will be the star "medal"players that will always stay on the pitch (rank 1 will be the gold player and captain, rank 2&3 will be silvers and rank 4&5 will be bronzes)

Current anthem is the Max Headroom them by Michael Hoening

Current goalhorn is the (awesome) Elektonik Supersonik by Zlad

The music will only be polled if you guys have ideas to change it, otherwise we'll roll with it
(Ratboy Genius has his own horn which will be kept if he stays in the team)

Feel free to ask if you have questions

Back then autopilots tactics were based on vanilla PES teams, /cgl/'s ones were based on some OP team so they rolfstomnped almost everyone. A recent autopilot example would be /cm/ which had okay-ish results
Suzanne and Utah Teapot should be permanent players. Maybe 2 in 1?
We definitely need a reference to donuts/Andrew
We need a really bad anime model with either shit anatomy or realistic anatomy which clashes with the style
>Suzanne and Utah Teapot should be permanent players. Maybe 2 in 1?
I'll add it in the poll as joint player with a separate question to vote either Teapot or Suzanne (although I consider Teapot as the most iconic)

>We definitely need a reference to donuts/Andrew
I added both in the pad, although I would need a better name for Andrew just "Andrew" would be too dry

>We need a really bad anime model with either shit anatomy or realistic anatomy which clashes with the style
That can be adressed after during aesthetics making, although if you have a specific idea it can be in the poll
add >Autocucks and Simple Tutorial
>Simple Tutorial
In place of Youtube tutorials?
maybe make it a choice if player goes on the team?
In a separate question, yup, just wanted to onfirm
File: implyingBlender.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
Okay so since time is kinda running out and we have a good few suggestions, I'll proceed with the poll ahead of time, the link to vote is in here:

Donut 10/10
Bumping this to say the poll will end tomorrow around noon UTC

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