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>15 years old and lurking on /3/
>"Wow! These people are so talented! I should listen to their advice!"
>18, finally decide to start learning 3D in university
>After only a year of going through the basics in uni and also through some courses on Pluralsight, Lynda, Gnomon
>get a short internship at a cg studio that works on commercials (I'm not bragging: I still had no skill, it was just very dumb luck and the people their were very forgiving)
>actually realise that 90% of /3/ is actually bullshit, and most of the people here act like the cg animation students in the year above me; their inflated egos let them THINK they're hot shit and know everything, when in reality they are shitty assholes who are even shittier artists

To the guys in high school or to people who are just starting out on 3D like I am, get out of here now. There are so much better internet communities and networks out there, with actual industry professionals and talented people who are most of the time very friendly and insightful. CGsociety, polycount, Artstation to name a few.

The pic is related. While there are a few very talented, smart and helpful people on here, most people are on that 'mount stupid' level of expertise.

They have only a little bit of knowledge and yet they have very one-sided opinions on things (like that is anything new on 4chan).

This is my own opinion. You have been warned. Fuck /3/, I'm sticking to NSFW /gif/ and hardcore /hc/ from now on.
>actually realise that 90% of /3/ is actually bullshit

Took you a year to realize this?

The board is a landfill of question and software shilling threads. The sane people who are actually trying to do work in 3D are in the WIP thread. The occasional "pure" thread like that old textures thread and anime thread are okay. Apart from that, the board is total garbage and not even a mod can completely resolve the situation at this point, we'd also need new rules that stop the inflow of useless threads made by people who don't actually do any work in 3D.
Dude it took me 3 years to realise this
Or don't automatically take everything posted here as absolute fact. It's usually an easy google search to see if someone is talking out of their ass.
I mostly come here to launch a volley of inane questions that google could not resolve because I'm still starting out
Is there any good roadmap you could recommend with these lynda\gnomon\pluralsight things?
I'm a 3D oldfag and I just don't care anymore. I'm here for drama, nothing else.
eh, the wip threads are allright, and sometimes its fun to feel superior over these untalented tryhards.
>taking /3/ memes seriously

the trolls here are like a parasite living on the host, we have a co-dependent relationship.
once you learn to identify them, they become invisible.
and trust me iv tried, i even went far as voting to get rid of the trolls, but then i realized its what makes /3/ /3/
File: 1518675192107.gif (312 KB, 369x369)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
>I'm sticking to NSFW /gif/ and hardcore /hc/ from now on

Careful, you need to de-stress without using just your cock/pussy.

That’s what /3/ is for. You come here and shitpost about 3DCG. You get a refresh, go back to work, work some more, come back here, shitpost some more, rinse, and repeat.
I've been luring people to polycount for years. My skills jumped tremendously after 2 years of pure lurking and I found the place in 2011

The wiki might be a bit dated but you can offer to help add content. Still the shit is invaluable and you get quick access to thinks like the Vertex books and pro workflows if you can find them.

May I please encourage you guys to drop the software wars shit. Ive ran through every modeling app there is. From milkshape to sculptgl I found a home in Maya because marking menus were a great idea. All of these applications can be modified to fit your needs.

It'd the theories and workflows you need to argue about and work/tools you need to post for critique.
Im in the industry for many years now and I came here for shitposts
Thank you for ruining everything for beginners who genuinely want to learn and negatively influencing them with memes.
If I want tutorials and inspiration I can go to Polycount Artstation and Twitter. I come here for memes.
Fucking teenagers. If you're a teenager reading this right now, let me help you out:

Here's a shitbag meme comment:
>lmao blendlets lmao autoshills ITS SHIT!!!!

Here's a useful critique:
>[a paragraph of useful, albeit brutally honest feedback divorced from any judgements about you as a person or your identity, with emphasis on areas of improvement relating to objective technical excellence or subjective aspects of style, aesthetic, or overall composition]
Just use your fucking brain. If someone is talking in one liner meme-speak the way your fellow teenage idiots in class do, they're a fucking retard. If they're talking in lengthy well thought out sentences, there's probably something useful buried in what they're saying. But even then you should still be skeptical and using your head REGARDLESS of whether it comes from some anonymous asshole on 4chan or the artist you idolize (ESPECIALLY if it comes from your idol or an "authority" figure).
File: 1504493646639.jpg (21 KB, 360x438)
21 KB
>try other art forums like polycount
>every thread I look at has good artists who are professionals
>get too intimidated and stay on 4chan's art boards
why can't these forums make a safe space for filthy beginners like us?
I post there anyway because I've seen more amateurish work than mine, but then again, for some reason I don't get any replies ever. It hurts when even super rough blockouts of literally nothing get replies and praise and my finished piece just slowly drops to the bottom of the page with 0 comments. I'm not dunning-kruger, I swear. I only get replies from here, and I only post on Polycount the stuff that got positive feedback here.
>having to wait 12+ hours for some mod on BlenderArtists to approve my post
Goddamnit, I hate it that /3/ actually ends up being the fastest board where I can get some feedback or just generally talk with people about 3DCG. It really sucks that some assholes are coming here just to meme.
Have you modeled and posted a cutie pie? In ArtStation that’s the rite of passage. You need to sculpt a sexually attractive female, retopo, texture, and render her, and only then will you be granted the right of being noticed on the site.

Just don’t make her overly sexualized, and it’ll be fine. Your real work can come later.
Can't tell if meme or serious, but I know there is some truth in it.
Most pictures that I want to paint or sculpt in my art inspiration folder are cute women or cute animals doing cute things. As a male dominated industry, I don't see how it would be much different from the average.
Anon, you might be gay.
>cute animals doing cute things
That would be nice to see, for a change. Cute stylized animals. It’s cool and it sells. DO IT
it's the same with /ic/.

Like the stuff posted in WIP threads don't match up with the supposed skill level that everyone claims to have, or the proportion of bad and good work to the proportion of the noobs and"experts" on the board don't line up. It might be possible that only noobs post shit on WIP threads but I find that unlikely, I see no reason why someone with a reasonable amount of skill would not post their work on WIP threads.
File: art.png (15 KB, 1613x71)
15 KB
Yeah, a lot of anons on /3/ will talk mega big and claim to be professionals with all these connections and years in the """industry""" but they won't ever put their money where their mouth is. The "I don't want to get ID'd and associated with 4chins!!" excuse only goes so far, if you can't do that then in my eyes, you're no better than an amateur when you open your mouth.
Well, not wanting to lose anonymity on 4chan is a legitimate reason, I think. I mean, you know this place (I’m not talking necessarily about /3/, though maybe it applies – think of the fucknut who’s always bashing Blender, for example) is full with crazy people.

I’ve seen what an anonymous mob can do with a bit of personal info, and, no, thank you, I wouldn’t want to experience that.
I just think that it's dumb to claim to have years of past experience or massive recognition online and then not back it up in any way. Obviously anonymity is the most important thing on 4chan I'd argue, but like you said, it's /3/. This is just about the deadest containment board on this Japanese tea-brewing forum, with no mods and no archive. If whoever's talking big managed to get to where he is through hard work but he's petrified by the thought of some anon sending mail to his job saying he posted on /3/ of all boards, maybe he's not such hot shit after all.
Yeah, being associated with an Russian nut-cracker forum that is infamous for housing "hackers", homophobes, racists, misogynists and pedophiles. What could go wrong?
Yeah, when you perpetuate that kinda info, I guess you could make something go wrong.
Plus, there are (constantly updated) archives. This shit goes back to 2013:

I meant to say that if the rest of the internet keeps perpetuating the idea that 4chan is a haven for all that is evil in the world instead of just a dumb imageboard on the internet about a bunch of miscellaneous interests like photography and Japanese culture, then the 4chan boogeyman may as well be real and we shouldn't post anything anywhere the public sphere considers even remotely "dangerous". Despite that, I am forced to agree that people shouldn't post revealing information here, not because this place ever did any sort of calamity, but because our current political climate instantly causes people to accuse others of guilt by association thanks to places like /pol/ being an absolute cesspit yet somehow representing 4chan as a whole.

My bad on the archives, I thought archivers only gave a shit about the more popular boards.

It doesn't matter. If there are professionals with years of experience on their hands they probably have some works that never made it to a portfolio that or works that are shown in a different angle that a reverse image search cannot find.

There are many ways to circumvent getting being tracked and they are not especially difficult.
Sure, but what if the style can be recognized? Or if they want to publish that work sometime later in a more “reputable” outlet?
What does it matter at that point? You're only supposed to prove you know your stuff. If someone says "You're X aren't you?" just say no or ignore them.

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