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File: ile_20180217_190605.jpg (92 KB, 2048x1152)
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Hey /3, what do you think about this Island I made ? I need a bit of criticism to go forward
Make a game following that art style. An RPG.

You're a giant. Your job is to just travel the world eating people. If you can't do this then you stink at 3D modeling forever.
Im sorry, are trying to trick people into make you a vore game
Nice island but there is a tree in the water and what are the blue things on the mountains
Needs better lighting. Add more details, you can still maintain the faux-poly look for example: faux-poly fruit on the trees, some clumps of grass, some faux-poly animals (seagulls, terrestrial birds, etc) always add a thousand points of visual appeal.

I have no idea what that is on the side of the large hill (it's not a mountain, since it's covered with grass), I guess snow? I'm guessing it's supposed to be snow but also reflecting the sky? Either way it doesn't look good.
I think the "sand" is sitting on top of the grass, or there's some sort of clipping, but either way it doesn't look right; the sand layer would be below the grass since grass comes out of the ground. Also your scene doesn't look like a tropical island, it looks like a big flood happened (like the Tennesse Valley water works project) but yet there's sand for some reason. If it were mud, that would fit (kinda) but again if that's what you're going for, then you'd want to show other signs of rapid flooding or the aftermath of a flood.
Trees should be a different color from the grass, the colors in general are over saturated and not very appealing; they don't have to be bright or cheerful or anything but they do have to actually look good

Here's a starter video on Color Theory, it's well worth your time (regardless of what software you use):

This video is also well worth your time, it's about composition. Right now besides the technical errors, it's a bit of a boring shot where nothing is really the focus, and the lines of the scene direct the eye no-where (again, no focus).

I would recommend doing something to make the water more interesting, whether it's sea foam, visible waves, toon water effects (like in Windwaker), or a bit of transparency in places and gloss in others, just something to up the visual interest but still retain the faux-poly stylized look.
what do i think about the island you made?
what do you think about the island you made? lets start with that.
because so far i don't see any mistakes, because there isn't alot of room for mistakes.
add some props and attractions, the island needs some love
sharpen the shadows (shrink the light source)
where are the low hanging clouds?
i want snow capped mountains
give the water around the beaches a arty foamy look
i want a wooden dock and a small boat
i want a stoney path from the dock to that little hut

try making the seas chunkier/more choppy/rough seas.

a mine shaft wouldn't be bad either. tell a story.
Don't kink shame him
File: feedback.png (808 KB, 2048x1152)
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808 KB PNG
Open it up in Gimp and look at the histogram it generates. The variance in brightness is tiny. The brights aren't bright enough, and the darks aren't dark enough. Every shade of lighting is just lukewarm.

Also, there seems to be a sort of blue overlay. I'd suggest toning it down a bit. The color of the sand borders on green because of it, and it's certainly not helping with the amount of contrast. Everything being greenish on the island makes the elements of it harder to distinguish from one another: like the sand, grass, rock face, etc.

Pic related are tweaks I made to it in GIMP. And that's all your render really needs, to be honest: tweaks, both in lighting and materials. What I tried to do was eliminate the blue overlay, and make each part of the image "pop." It's just a few small steps away from being /comfy/. Good work, anon. If you make changes, post them here, I'd like to see them.
File: feedback02.png (857 KB, 2048x1152)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
And here's a side-by-side for reference. I'm not saying this is what you NEED to aim for, just what I personally think would help it look better.
Woaw, for a first shot I really didnt except to get many feedback and even if a few answers arent much for some people, they sure mean a lot to me !
At the moment, my computer is a little bit dead but I'll get back at this island to try and improve it as soon as possible, and I will update it following your advices guys, thank you all!
do some post, color balance that shit so that shadows simply arent the same color except darker and gray, look into color grading.

in general its ok, the space is nice, it has a natural feel, but the faux low poly style is a cheap move that needs to look really good to work well, otherwise it simply looks cheap.

read this
i fuckign like it but.... it lack depth man everything is so flattt and boring. you need to add some reflection on water some enviroment fog and so.
Some clouds on tops?castign shadow on the island?
also find a suject,make the house bigger add detail some other stuff around,a subject,something attractive for the eye.
texture it but keep it low pol

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