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> Grinded myself through 5 semesters of filmschool
> Built a portfolio of lots of different 3DCG areas and softwares (Including Blender btw)
> Pretty much only used free tutorials and spent minor cash on student licenses
> Got accepted at a renowned studio for a 6 month internship
> Got a written offer 2 months in to start there as a junior immediately when i finish university
> I'm 21

Whats your excuse, anon?
lack of money and time and skills
maybe its time to move on to something else
And yet you're posting green frogs on an anonymous nazi board for NEETS
Just a hobby, definately wouldn't want to do it full time.

Also, I use blender, so I could easily transition into any studio if I wanted.

I'm working on my own game, but if I fail I'll definitely try to get a job in a game company.
good for you, good luck
My excuse? people here saying the industry is a no go
post some of your stuff OP
File: 1456985389481.jpg (46 KB, 375x592)
46 KB
>Been practicing Photogrammetry in my volunteer Archaeology, pretty good, even use drones to make models of dig sites
>When I finish making the models, give them to whoever administrated the dig site, didn't think much of keeping a portfolio because volunteer shit right?
>One day find an opening for a Photogrammetry expert with CHP
>It's a really fucking cool gig and would break me into the field of Historic Preservation as a career choice
>Practically shit myself
>Send credentials, discuss my qualifications, what I've done etc
>"Sounds great! Can we see a portfolio of your work?"
>"Sure, but it'll take some time and correspondence to assemble..."
>"Sorry we need to move quickly here, best of luck though!"

I even offered to drive there with my camera and take pictures of something as part of an interview, but nope. I've never hated my lack of foresight as much as I did then. I am so dumb holy shit.
My problem is that I have spread myself too thin and even studied multimedia which made me focus even more on too many different areas at the same time. I love all of it and if I was living in some possible near-ish future where UBI was a standard everywhere, while humans could spend their time doing things they love, I'd be happy to slowly learn all of things I'm interested in, such as film, 3DCG, writing, photography, design, programming, game dev, illustration, music etc. But in this world it is a mistake probably 99% of the time. If days were longer and there was time for everything, I could possibly be a godlike creative machine, but the current situation is that I'm just not as good as I could have been if I solely focused on a single area I wanted to succeed in. I both do and don't regret it, though, so good for you, but I'll have to wait some more.
You'll get another shot anon
Started on a computer graphics college
Decided to use blender despite them teaching 3dsmax
Landed an internship at an archviz company immediately after the first year had passed
Few months pass, get offered to lead a gamedev project, backed by huge sponsors
That's 2 years ago and it's been a smooth ride since then
I'm 23
>That's 2 years ago and it's been a smooth ride since then
Imagine where you would have been if you had started with Maya instead of Blender.

*This post has been made possible thanks to an Autodesk sponsorship.
yes the shilling needs to stop.
Shitty computer + real world issues + money/time.

If I could get two of these crossed off, then we'll talk.
>everyone was trying to do cg in the early 00s, no jobs for entry level nobody's cause the market was oversaturated with art pros that started changing careers to cg who were taking those jobs.

>The cg bubble is dead and now anyone with basic skills can get a low level job right after school.
Funny, now that you mention it...I stopped doing CG in the early 00's to pursue other opportunities.
I was able to get internship offers at a few different places, so i was able to negotiate myself from a internship to a junior position at two of the places that wanted me.
Finally decide where i want to work.
The next day when i was about to sign the contract I get a freelance offer for 6 months that payed a nice hourly rate.
Ended up taking that instead. felt pretty good.
>Whats your excuse, anon?

there are no creative jobs in my country. and the ones that exist are held in position by a tight circle of nepotists and un-skilled college teachers.
i could literally start a company with just 1 or 2 dedicated employees but i need people with a certain degree of skill level that just doesn't exist here.
Remote coworkers, man. Crush your unskilled competition.

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