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>Got acceped into a 3d animation and modeling uni course
>Got offered a stupid good job around that time as well
>Opted to take high paying job instead due to been more of a secure option and parents aproved (40 000+ yr)
>One year later
>Option has come up again for me to go off to uni to do the course
>I kinda like my job but its not my dream
>Do I quit my job to follow a stupid dream?

Fuck guys is it worth risking it all, how this job market like and if you work in it do you enjoy your job?
I'd much rather work and be happy then earn lots of money
Stick to the job and learn 3d on the side. Theres plenty of learning material on the internet you dont need a uni course
At what age did you get the job offer and how many years of exp did you have at that point?
Got it at 18 so im 19 at this point in time.
How good are you at this stuff? How much experience do you have?
Do you know if you even like doing 3d animation/modeling?
How do you know this is your "dream job"?
Been doing at as a hobby on/off for the past 4 years. have always been driven and love the work and the idea of been able to make something from nothing. Got pretty decent at.(need to be for the course, had to submit portfolio.) Thing is I wanted some insight as I don't know if any of you found that doing this as a job "killed the fun" for you. I also thought that after I started my job I would see how dumb it would have beene to go off to uni and be in debt by then end. Thing is I still wanna do it, and thats what makes me think that I should.
Are there some examples of a portfolio I could see? I'm interested on what level does it have to be just for the entrance.
File: examples.png (1.35 MB, 1097x716)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Pretty basic shit but I these are some of the latest stuff I've done.
Wanna get into environmental and and character modeling.
Not had much time to focus on modeling due to the job, which is another reason I want to take the course.
Asking for anonymous strangers' advice on a Japanese sushi-making club is all well and good, but take care that you don't let others lead your life for you, anon. I know you are purely asking for advice, but in the end you have to make your own decisions.

My advice: don't go around chasing dreams unless you have a secondary source of income or are willing to make concessions to make your life cheaper (getting rid of money sinks like cars, moving to an apartment, easing up on the amenities like cable and such).
Maybe you could discuss with your employer a reduction in wage/working hours? If you have the option, you could take it to use the extra time and learn 3D by yourself.

Save up for a few years and do 3D art on the side.

I learned a lot from 3d cgma, gnomonworkshop and Dinusty stream/discord.

Its way better than going to a uni.

Just save up your money. I'm planning to go indie in a few months as I saved up about two years worth of wages.

Either way good luck. I'm guessing your living with your parents still. You could save up quite a bit.

Are you working Saturday or Sundays?

How much free time do you have?

Get a stopwatch and all your free time just time yourself and see how many hours that equals in a month.

Like I'm wasting about 15 minutes posting here when I could be doing art. The stopwatch is counting down.
>get a stopwatch to see how much time you're wasting

Oh my god. Could you be any more pedantic about shit? Humans don't have to be 100% efficient to the point where spending 15 minutes of your day not doing much productive is a cause for concern.
3d is a pretty brutal industry, I probably wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Like everyone else has said, keep the job and so modelling on the side.

Well, OP said he doesn't have enough time after work. If he got a stop watched and timed every moment he isn't sleeping that he is wasting his time, it would be huge.

For example, if he is browsing 4chan /pol/ or reading the news that is wasting minutes.

Also let face it /3d is getting more and more competitive. You need to be working 10-12 hours a day everyday to keep up with the competition. If OP can't manage to do 5 hours extra on a weekday and 15 hours on weekends whilst doing a full time job he isn't going to make it.

What is the fucking job?
Stick to the job
Keep the job ffs! Uni is a waste of time, you can educate yourself faster if you are intelligent.
ITT: lots of bad advice. 3d is a viable career if you work hard.

Main question: what is the graduation rate from this 3d program, how often do they place in industry vs. not? Plenty of schools will take your money and not offer much. You need to go to a place that will seriously grind you to get good. Did you have to submit a portfolio? Can you talk to other students? You can easily waste 2-4 years and way too much money dicking around.

Question 2: If you don't have the drive to do 3dcg when you're tired and have no energy to do it, how are you going to make a career of it?
Vehicle Technician
Don't let me lead your life, but I feel you need to keep the job. As others have mentioned, if 3D is your passion, you will find a way to make time for it. There are more resources to learning 3D available online than your courses will likely give you. What your courses will likely give you are contacts, critiques, and deadlines.

I am not experienced enough to tell you how to get contacts, but as far as critiques and deadlines go, you can self impose those. You can find places to show your work for critiques and you can have the willpower to set your own deadlines. Do daily quick renders and weekly or monthly projects. If you run out of ideas, go to /ic/ or something and look at some drawing prompts. Personally, I like /r/Daily3D because the mod is friendly and it's fun to see the same people's art grow over time.

Best of luck to you!
Course is well respected and has links to many big name CG studios which is why I chose it in the first place. When it comes to motivation i'm driven for sure, the problem is I dont have enough free time to pursue 3D as a career. however I do still enjoy it as a hobby. But I can feel that wirthout training I will never make it in the industry.
Thanks for the advice I will take this into consideration.

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