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What the fuck do I do if I don't want to spend money on sites to download high quality textures and normals?
You make your own textures, man. It's what you should probably be doing anyway, unless you're an archviz Pajeet who just buys all the generic assets and composes soulless scenes with them.

>Substance Designer
>Substance Painter
>Quixel Suite
I was thinking of getting substance painter and designer but I'm absolute shit at design. I should go for some tutorials.
Go for it and start combing Artstation for people's gumroads tutorials. JROTools, Wes McDermott, and Daniel Thiger have some great stuff to work from.
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Just make a ton of throw away emails and use poliigon
Also, you can find nice free materials on sites like 80lv every once in a while. Substance Painter and Quixel Suite will provide you with a lot of default materials which are pretty good (I still use them, and you can download more for free from Substance Share if you use Painter). Also
is not a bad advice either, heh. A few free stuff from Poliigon, then some from Megascans, then some from 3D subreddits on Reddit. You can find a lot of decent looking stuff for free, but as I said, ultimately you'll want to make your own textures with Substance Designer.

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