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Why am I so shit at texturing? Can someone point me in the right direction of what I am doing wrong? I am using blender + photoshop, modeling assets for unity3d.
You need better software for texturing (Substance Designer to create your materials and Substance Painter to apply them to your model and add fine details (dirt, dust, scratches).

Is photoshop really outdated to use for texturing?

Yes and no. I only use photoshop to add more detailed stuff to my base color map (writings, dirt and wear with a transparent background, alpha maps), but for creating textures from scratch (along with roughness, normal, metallic, AO and height maps) you want to use Substance Designer, or Quixel. If you really want to stick with photoshop then Quixel may be a good option for you since it's integrated inside photoshop.

Thanks man I am going to check out quixel, if not I guess I am going to have to just learn substance painter but it seems kinda daunting.
Substance is very easy, similar to Photoshop. You can literally texture models in 5 minutes just by dropping a bunch of smart materials with masks one layer after the other.

You are probably right, its just old habits die hard you know?

Ill probably buy it when I get my paycheck, if I dont remember wrong their pricing is pretty reasonable. Still pisses me off that you cant purchase photoshop anymore...
Photoshop is great for making hand painted textures. But if you want to get into PBR try substance but don't let it be a crutch. If your looking for a job in the games industry they'll hire someone that can hand paint textures over a scrub with some masks and normal stamps
Texturing? Textures are your least problem with that model. First of all why don't you make it round? Its really edgy. And top hole looks nothing like a real cone. At least every one I have seen in my life where I live. Model after a real cone and increase polygons, make it round and smooth, there are no reason to render low poly edge shit in 2018.
>scrub with some masks and normal stamps
I don't think it's that simple, creating good PBR materials that don't have that obvious 'Substance Painter look' is still challanging. Even though lots of things like dirt and edge wear are now automated does not mean you can create good materials by just slapping some masks and height details on there and calling it a day.
Lol, wtf are you talking about? Is hand painting even a thing in realistic looking games? Would you not use Designer + Painter for them? Only thing that would be hand painted is probably vegetation.
File: 81gscRpKWxL._SL1500_.jpg (250 KB, 1500x844)
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Not him, and still very new to 3D, but I guess for stuff like in many Telltale Games, Photoshop is still preferrable? Tried painting lines in Painter, it feels needlessly difficult when you're so used to Photoshop, and it's no big deal if you mapped your model properly.

Also for really low-poly stuff, where your textures are 64x64-pixelart maps, Photoshop is obviously preferrable.

It'll essentially come down to the pipeline of the studio. Their needs and demands will be more or less checked against what the head honcho thinks that you should use etc etc.
Also half of those lines on the model come from the cel shading the game uses, only some are painted on the texture.

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