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Why does most people prefers maya over 3ds max catrig?
I'm currently in game development class and my teacher and my group wants everything to be done in maya.
I really find catrig easier to rig quadruped or flying creatures or non-human creatures.
Why don't you ask your teacher this? Why did you come here?
Surely you don't have to use maya- it just means that the teacher can't help you if you decide to use 3dsmax.
>another software thread

fucking hell

We're on a 3d board, of course we're going to talk about 3d software dumbass.
maya's rigging system is flexible to the point that you could probably make a catrig in it if you put in enough hours.
It's a preference thing, if the teacher has decided on Maya, then use Maya. Work with 3DS max on your own time if you prefer that.

As to why, probably because Maya was the first program he came in contact with and since it can do most things he stuck with it and didn't bother to branch out too much.

I mean, why bother learning 5 programs when 1 works for all the tasks? Is the marginal gain worth it? If you think it is, then branch out on your own, just don't expect everyone else to feel the same way.

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