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Hey Guys. So for a Uni group project we have to make a game. I've created character models in Maya that I want to rig and animate then bring them into unity so our group programs can use them.

I was wondering if any of you have advice on rigging a character in Maya to then use later in unity, what kind of format is best for exporting the animations and maybe some things to avoid when trying to do this~?
If you guys know any useful tutorials on the subject those would be great. I've seen a few but most of them don't really cover what I need well. Pic is of the character model I made and am trying to rig~
How complex is her movement gonna be? Also, do you plan on keeping the normals of her head like that, or wouldn't you rather smoothen them?

Also yeah, FBX with baked animation is probably your best bet for Unity.

Working on an uni project as well, just got into 3D. Hang in there!

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