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why is the cinema 4d physical render so fucking slow i'm waiting like 10 minutes now is it because i'm using AMD (msi radeon r9 280x gaming edition)

what render engine do i use
File: 19minutes.png (414 KB, 1897x909)
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File: 25minutes.png (530 KB, 1128x898)
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File: Screenshot_20.png (1.36 MB, 1898x867)
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fuck this i'm cancelling it
comparatively this took only 7
File: what.png (150 KB, 640x360)
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I could bash your choice of software now, but instead I'll post a 3D dong. Good day.
kill yourself you unproductive cletus shack
nigga I'm at work, modeling since 6:30 in the morning. It's only your fault that you 1. chose shit software 2. can't even understand the settings of your renderer

also, POO-land cannot into 3D
wrong person, sperm gargling bugchaser
You answered your own question
that looks like something out of SFM
>modeling since 6:30 in the morning
how are you still alive
>Chose shit software
I'm juggling between C4D/3DS/Maya/Blender to see which one is suitable for my needs and i'd like some extra information for that statement as i have received it flat for all options. (I already know the character animation tools for Cinema are a joke)
>can't even understand the settings of your [citation needed]
>also, POO-land cannot into 3D
which kind of 3D

The analysis of the presented dialogue written in the reply has led to the conclusion being drawn in the sense that it is not useful to answering the original question, please try again.
Why the fuck are you using C4Ds internal render?
Why not Vray, Arnold, Corona, Redshift?
I'm extremely interested in trying those, especially Redshift/Arnold. I haven't considered if it's possible to somehow torrent those however.

I already saw redshift's capabilities and it seems extremely powerful, but i have a friend who uses Arnold render, care to explain the strengths and weaknesses of both?
File: Screenshot_21.png (3 KB, 661x28)
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wtf is corona doing that's not doing anything and is taking up 100% of my everything usage
File: Screenshot_22.png (2.72 MB, 1595x923)
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2.72 MB PNG
i dont get it
Arnold is super-easy to use, gives great photo-realistic results, but is really slow when it comes to the final image rendering.
But it scales properly, it won't break if you render incredible huge scenes.
In the movie industry its either Arnold, Clarisse or Renderman.

Redshift is superfast, also easy to use, but i think not really as good looking as Arnold or Renderman.
When you fill your VRAM, Redshift can use your normal RAM but it gets considerably slower in the process.
Huge scenes can become a problem, meaning the speed advantage goes away.
File: Screenshot_24.png (1.47 MB, 1919x962)
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1.47 MB PNG
I'm mostly in need of a render engine that can handle huge scenebuilds that are animated, like this forest airport i'm making. What am i doing wrong with Corona here?

I tested it with purely the Corona Sky, Sun and Light and everything is the same. If i use the Physical sky i setup previously it goes dark.

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