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File: FBXERROR.gif (1.11 MB, 959x622)
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Hey /3/, hope you can help me

>Using 3dsmax
>I've CAT rigged and animated [with the skin modifier] a model I made and want to import it into UE4
>When I export the CAT rig to FBX the body parts get jerky and parts randomly sperg out in individual frames
>Sometimes it looks alright on playback but when I scrub the timeline the issues become apparent and even more so when I export to UE4
>The results appear to be completely random as I can export the same scene and the rig will twist in random ways when I've seemingly used the same process for export and after hours trying to figure out what the issue is I'm no closer to my answer
>Tried exporting with multiple options
>Exported model to OBJ then reimported
>Created brand new rig to test the model and got the same error
>Created brand new model to test the rig and got the same error
>Contemplating killing myself if I can't get this thing to work

The best I can figure is Max 2017 has some weird issues going on with the FBX exporter.

I don't know much about editing animations and there are no new frames where the model messes up in Max. I can't find anything in Google about the same issue. Some other people have weird FBX jitters but nothing that comes close to mine.

Does anyone have any advice about this because it's driving me nuts. I'm going to include some gifs and the file in hopes that someone can help me figure out what's going on.

File: UE4ERROR.gif (3.75 MB, 731x505)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
Here's the gif from UE4 and the 3ds file if anyone wants to give it a shot

FBX support in 2017/2018 actually is pretty buggy and it was the main reason I switched back to 2016
Not sure it will help with your problem though
I think the only problem I had was the importer constantly crashing
Could you download it and try to add a skin modifier to it please? I'd really appreciate it if you could see if the problem replicates itself in another version of max

Is it just me or is the OBJ importer fucked too for 2017? Every time i import a multi-material OBJ, it overwrites every polygon with the 1st texture. Older 2013 version didnt do this
god speed anon
I can't open Max 2017 files in Max 2016

You should never use any other exchange format than FBX from 3ds Max
They're all buggy or lack some kind of functionality to force you into using FBX
File: captainamericacomics76.jpg (108 KB, 457x469)
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Op here, figured it out. Max 2017 pre SP3 has a bug that glitches out CAT animations. There's a script workaround but upgrading to SP3 seems like it'll work. Wish I had known it was a bug and not something I was doing wrong two days ago. Would have saved me a lot of pain.

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