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tell me why it's easier to model in Maya/Blender/4D than Max.

I'll wait.
Naw I'm good.
It isn't.
Compared to the difficulty of creating appealing art, the differences between the modeling workflows of any of these apps are negligible.
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oh great! another software thread.
you fucks are so one dimensional, it's disgusting.
What's your problem, we haven't seen that in a while
It's usually about blender. Let's try this for once.

Max gets off on a wrong start with the editable poly/mesh thing. Even the terminology is wrong.

The modifier list has some good stuff but it is unnecessarily long. A lot of modifiers can be omitted and implemented as settings within a more generalized modifier (FFD 2x2x2, FFD 3x3x3, FFD 4x4x4).

The interface is very clicky clacky. Feels heavy.

It doesn't seem to support unconnected vertices, which can be super handy as helpers or for filling in later.

Has way too many distracting pop-up interruptions for simple operations like cloning parts of a mesh.
It is if you learned it that way and is more used to it.

That's literally the only actual reason anyone could ever have.
Lies. Started with Max, I was instantly faster in any other software after it. Speedwise it goes like this for me atm (from the fastest to the slowest):


I'm faster in Blender than in Modo because I have more experience in it though, so that might change since Modo is godlike, but is also a lot different from other programs so it takes more time to get used to.
>Let's try this for once.
How about no?
Software threads are NOTHING but enormous baiting fests and lead to nothing, ever.
They only exist because everyone seems to be talentless and frustrated around here but wants to be one of the cool guys and say something.
Meanwhile collaboration art threads fizzle out and people who post artwork get ignored or memed at with cheap yesterday memes
Becuase I'm used to it

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