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What are the most important/influential tutorials you've watched or read?
I don't think such a thing exists. I'm trying to remember of something that stood out, but I can't. What took me to the next step every time was not any tutorial, but just my sudden change of view about how to do something, like a literal "click" after which I immediately got a lot better at whatever I was doing. Sometimes I expect some course to provide me with some amazing new knowledge about things like color or composition, but I'm always a bit dissappointed in the end. It's always about small steps forward and when I look back I see how much I've learned. But as I said, I don't think I've ever stumbled upon a tutorial that really influenced me to the point that I must recommend it to everyone.
>trying to remember of something
Tutorials with cute girls narrating always stick in my mind as it's easy to recall their voice and for some reason it's more soothing. Maybe I'm just gay like that...
Now that you mention it, I’m following a tutorial on Marvelous Designer fundamentals, available on Pluralsight, and the author’s voice is so sweet it warms my heart.
Kek I only watch tutorials by dudes for some reason
The voice of a girl narrating is off putting somehow
I realise it's because I watch all of them at 2x speed and grill voices get too shrill
>trying to remember something

Don't know if it's the *most* important single thing I've done, but for new Zbrush users I highly, highly recommend the 'Intro to...' course currently on Gnomon for Zbrush 4R8.

She totally demystifies a lot of stuff that every other Zbrush course I've seen just manages to make even more confusing.

Yeah - Zbrush noobs should 100% use that course as a starting point. Here's the intro vid:

It makes me contemplate if I like 3D when watching tutorials is unbearably boring.......
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Muslim detected.
Who is gonna tell this guy...

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