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Does anybody knows where can I get the models from LSD Dream Emulator?
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I have been saving this game to play when I get my hands on some real hard hitting psychedelics or weed, neither of which you find where I live
>ooh, let's make something with poison colours, and shitty taste... call it LSD something... done!!
that's not how LSD is...
The guy who made it made it off his dream journal and it was supposed to be surreal
God knows why he named the game lsd
I was joking about "Shitty taste" but again, calling LSD something that is glitchy/colorfull and wierd is so out of place..
LSD isn't in relation to the drug iirc, i think it was something like "lucid sentient dream" or something like that
Pic looks like a sprite anon. Extracting it yourself is probably the best bet. Textures are probably 8 bit color, meaning somewhere in the game files you'll probably find a corresponding palette for every texture of 256 (or less) colors in RGBA format. Models themselves likely store vertex data in floating point coordinates (still holding out for an integer precision 3D engine). Finding out how verts connect and UV coordinates with probably be the most difficult thing. This is the best lead I can give, based on my experience with model and texture extraction.

Without the animations they look flat. Its mostly texture work and you an get the textures by googling for them.

Note people multiple people have tried to remake it and it ends up boring.
That’s a fucking texture, anon.
Use the internet idiot
>LSD isn't in relation to the drug
well at the very bare minimum, the name is

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