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Check it out, newest one. Getting serious.

Tell me what you think, do I need to improve on anything? Yes, I will be animating shooting animations, I do not include them in a set, because they will either be a universal animation for all rifles, based on one bone, OR physics based by the UE4 Engine.

this goes for the walking and running animations too, Still trying to decide.

Check it,

Can't comment on this technically, but from a consumer's perspective I feel the animation cycle is a bit too drawn out. If you're developing a fast-paced shooter, having to spend that amount of time (I count roughly a staggering five seconds) reloading is definitely going to get stupidly infuriating, even if you want it to be "due to the effects of phenobarbital". On that point, there's no sense of "wooziness" or general decreased consciousness to suggest that your character is under phenobarbital. It just feels like a very careful reload cycle.
The guy in said video took Pheno Barbital 24 hours before. From the Source videos of NHSO there didn't seem to be woozyness, but a notable slowness and methodical way of doing things.

Animation wise, is it triple A, would you say?
Oh, and to add on, the character is incredibly armored and practically invincible, Ducking for cover to avoid death at times that he needs to regenerate.

He's a juggernaut, and the pace is Slow with a fast moving enemy force. It's all for balance reasons.
Sorry! Third message, forgot to mention, I wanted the player to feel overencumbered, outnumbered and Overtaken by the enemy, even though the player techincally has the upper hand. I feel slow reloads and a slow walk will be the best way to do it. He can SLOWLY jog, but it wastes stamina and makes the aiming bad by having the character be out of breath.
Oh, I see. Yeah, I interpreted phenobarbital as a stronger sedative but it says it just calms their nerves. Makes sense, though I still feel such a drawn out cycle may get irritating for players.

I don't know much about reloading guns (or animations for that matter, I'm just on /3/ to see the pretty things people put out), so I can't comment on the detail of the animation, but I think it's pretty good. I don't think while playing I'd scrutinise such minutiae, but that one flicking motion he does with his index and middle after cocking the bolt handle feels very choreographed i.e. there's too much style. Seeing as you want to portray a feeling of nonchalance and heaviness, I feel that having any quick motions like that draws away from that slow overpowering sense you want to convey. Also, why the stagger in the cocking motion? From what I've seen of HK G3 reloads it's just a single fluid motion from the front to the back (see: https://youtu.be/YAwM71383C0?t=44).
Oh! The cocking motion is because The G3A3 that I held actually had a tough pull to it, I pulled it back 1/6th of the way, then a tougher pull, another 1/6th, then finally all the way.

Basically, the particular G3 I cocked was very ungreased.

I think it's really cool too, you know? Adds some seasoning to a standard bolt pull.

I appreciate your feedback bro!
I suck at context, sorry, I held an actual G3 in a gunstore, sorry for the lack of context!
File: 2f2.png (118 KB, 680x304)
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118 KB PNG
My new animation


Check it out.
You somehow got worse.
Why is there a border around the image? Are you unable to produce a video without some fuckups?
The green background looks horrible, black doesn't work either. I fucking told you so earlier. Use a decent background which is neither POPPING in your fucking face (green) nor completely absent (black).
That grey is better but still.....

The animation look dull and uninspired. You just go through the motions. There is no finesse, feeling or something to them.

If you have to explain that the character is drugged and it still doesn't work, the idea failed. It doesn't really makes sense. Its like you explain a bad animation with a nonsense story.
Don't tell; show.
If it doesn't work on its own....then its crap.
No triple A, not even A.
This animation was a fast attempt at some half-life stuff. Not related to my NHSO game, I was just doing some fun here. Not my best work, not even an attempt at my best work.

Wrists are fucked, bolt pull is awful. I was trying to see if I could get the LOOKS of motion of a pivot being at the barrel while still being at the pistol grip. My own little test. Something Treyarch animators do that I was trying to imitate without fully putting their methods to work.

Sony Vegas has trouble importing my videos so it creates a black box that I have to manage.

As for my G3 animation... the reason the NHSO out thing doesn't fail, because that is part of the story him being drugged. How can I truly express that in an animation with no context? You would have to play my game to see it. The game shows, not tells, trust me, but in a solitary animation I can't do much but tell, now can I?
Oh, and one more thing, besides the half-life one, the G3 one was supposed to be style-less, life-less, methodical. Not a cop out. It's fully prefaced in the video.

Let me asked you something, and try not to be biased, right? Am I lacking in animation skill, or am I lacking in style?

People tell me my animations are human and good. But my style lacks. Is this the case?
Ive seen some of them and they are a bit samey
Samey? Some of what?
I really want to see the reaction of people who will one day get your portfolio in their mail, for job aplication.
>I'm Reload Animator, I'm really passionate about it, you know(?!) I'm different, man! anons said that my animations are AAA already, you know(?!) Call of duty quality!
I've seen some average, some bad and one good clip from you.
So you do have potential as an animator, but you seem to lack good taste which IMHO ties into that lack of style problem.

I say this because you presentation is lacking. I know its not as important if you actually want to showcase your animation and i criticize the ugly shader and abysmal lightning or the ugly background, but at the end of the day, presentation is important and if you want to appear as TRIBBLE AAEE you better nail it.
And i mean the animation by that, the presentation is a side-dish you also have to master.
So the honest truth is that you have to get better with your animation, your style (you have to find one), your taste (ditto), and the presentation.

If you where as obsessed with learning and growing as an artist instead of wanting to hear that someone calls your work TRIBBLE AAAAEEEE you would be actually better.
He's a glory boy in reality. He would not have wrote paragraphs of replyis and countless threads otherwise
and all of you are baffling me... you are givving him some impression that he will ever do anything with just reload animations...
If there is anyone who is making money with just that, that's because he got there doying shitton of other work and was so good that someone agreed to hire him just for reloads
and I'm sure it is one or two projects in his life.. oh and getting someone to hire you for shit like that takes much more charisma than your animation tecniques.
Jokes on you bro, I don't truly care about getting a job in the business. BTW I've got a contact who used to be in the business and reloads was his only thing. You act like you know everything about it? Reloads are a thing that is looked for. Look up Hyper, look up ImbrokeRU, look up mrbrightside.

They have all gotten a job based on their reload animations. One of the few also is a cinematic animator.

You have no idea what you are talking about, but even if you do, I don' truly give a shit about makin' it in the bizzz

I'm not a Glory boy. I'm a guy who has a hobby who wants to know if he's gotten good yet.
jesus fucking christ OP you are the only person on this board who's consistently promoting your own work like an absolute retard. why wouldn't you just find a person to talk to instead of posting these irrelevant reload animations on a board where people would rather discuss something else?

i'm not gonna bother giving feedback to your animation, but i do want to tell you how you can actually improve as an animator

1. stop fucking animating weapons
you literally learn nothing outside of knowing how to animate hands. you don't learn how to make a dude walk around, which is like the most important thing to learn when it comes to animation. you don't learn about how a person shifts his weight when he stands around.
you only learn about hands. nobody wants an animator who literally only knows how to do one thing, fucking STOP

2. make bigger projects
stop making like 5 second animations and then bloat those 5 seconds by repeating it continuously for 1 whole minute with music playing in the background because you will absolutely forget about it after you finish rendering and uploading. make projects you will have to keep looking at for months at end, that's how you'll improve

stop acting like people give a shit about your animations lol, animators are fucking insignificant, just like any other people working in the 3d field. there's dime a dozen other animators out there, you're not special. you don't need to make a fucking thread to make animations.
Dude. We told him that he needed to add spice to the videos and repeat his animations. That's not on him.

He's obviously improved a lot just looking at his animation timeline, so to say that the only way to improve is a giant project.. well that's just asinine.
>stop acting like people give a shit about your animations lol, animators are fucking insignificant, just like any other people working in the 3d field
What the FUCK are you talking about?
Big studios hiring can be that specific, personaly id recomend any artist of any kind to work on what theyre drawn to in the moment, after a while one feel they got it,or are over it, theyl start spread out more, and animating hands isnt wholy independent of animating a body, a somethings will be transferable,
What is the point of going on /3/ and saying how all of 3D artists are insignificant? What does that even mean?

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