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I have to use Max for work, and even though I hate it, there are two features I like that aren't present in Maya.

One is where if set key/ auto key aren't on and you move an animated object, it offsets all of that object's keys by however much you move it.

So if you already have an animation - say a walk cycle - and you move their controls a meter to the left, it will be the exact same animation, but it will play out a meter to the left of the original position.

I know this is possible in Maya by moving entire curves in the graph editor, but I do appreciate being able to do it visually by manipulating control objects on all axes in the same way the I animate normally.

Does anyone know if this is possible in Maya, or do you at least know the name of the feature so I might look into it elsewhere? Thanks!
This is what root bones are for m8
Sorry, my example was oversimplified. In Max you can adjust anything that's already animated, and it will offset all keys accordingly. Rotate something 90 degrees outside of set key/ auto key mode, and every key on that object will be offset by 90 degrees.

So if in that same walk you like the motion of the arms but they need to be lifted away from the body a bit more, you can just rotate the shoulder controls upward (in Max, the Y axis, equivalent to Z in Maya) in Max, and they will retain the same motion except lifted upward.

In Maya the same thing would need to be accomplished by dragging the whole curve (ie all the keys) for the shoulder control's Z-axis up in the graph editor. If you want to do this by manipulating the shoulder control object itself, then you need to manually animate adjust all the keys to that new angle.
animation layers. use the questions thread next time

That's certainly an option to get me partway there. I'm not crazy about using layers that way, but thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry, I would delete the thread for my mistake if it would let me. Any mod is welcome to delete it at this point.
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Animation layers can't be baked down to the original keyframes, and they're heavy.
>Animation layers can't be baked down to the original keyframes
>and they're heavy.
that's just maya being maya, so idk.

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