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hi! im taking a rapid prototyping course at university and I have a problem. We have the opportunity to print with an SLA 3D printer, which uses an ultraviolet laser beam to cure a photosensitive resin one layer at a time, eventually forming a 3d model. This technology has the ability to print incredibly fine detail. My problem is that I don't know what to print. I tried using a laser scanner to create a 3d model of an N scale 4-6-2 Pacific Steam locomotive, because I love the linkage arms on it, and thought this would be the perfect thing to print. And it would have been perfect, but the scanner didn't perform as well as I would have liked and while the model it created is recognizable after some very time consuming post processing, it doesn't look nearly as good as I had hoped. (Pic related, its the model) You cant see it from this angle, but I essentially had to remove one of the wheels entirely because it was riddled with garbage data points and wasn't connected to the main mesh. Anyway, I am thinking twice about using my one precious print on this thing on a jagged looking train, and am looking for other ideas. I could build my own model, but I don't have a ton of experience with that. I made a model of a hyper cube in autodesk inventor and printed that with a regular FDM/FFF machine (stratasys Uprint is what I used) (FDM / FFF is what you usually think of when you think 3d printing, it extrudes layers of heated plastic to make the model) and making that model was pretty difficult and took a while. I can also scan in another item, which is what I think I want to do. I want it to have enough detail to be worth printing on the SLA machine, but it still needs to be capturable by the scanner. That means no fine detail like hair, no rotational symmetry, and it cant have a lot of undercuts where the laser beam wouldn't be able to reach. Any ideas on what to print?

TLDR: I need ideas for items to use on a laser scanner that are detailed but not too detailed.
Small stone/ceramic/clay busts
Ok. You can do it.
Human head. Or a monkey head, if you have one.
Look into photogrammetry instead.
Why are you intent on scanning an item though? Like you have a sick printer but you want to handicap yourself with scans because they are just not at the point where you can get that fine detail you could with a proper model. Just go find some awesome realistic train model online then print that, you will be much more satisfied.

Its not like if you scan it, you can feel like its 'your' work anyway. You didn't create the object you are scanning afterall.
Fukken this
Why do you want to scan op when you can find fantastically detailed 3D models of about anything

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