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>/3/ cries and neets it up, complaining that its impossible to get into the industry
>me on the other hand, in the industry for 25 years decides to flip the script
>send out an email to various well known industry people commisioning work
>literally no replies even though I'm literally just asking for a quote

this is why no one takes /3/ seriously
What's your point?
its pathetic, you can wave money at a 3d artist but they dont even care. They have no apprentice system to take over lower work, no nothing that the great 2d masters have
>It's an: anon makes up a scenario and is actually projecting, episode.
Prove you're in the industry, loser. Everyone on /3/ has glimpse this thread at least once already. Prove you aren't a miserable little boy crying for attention.
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OP is saying that he sent out a bunch of emails to big fishes asking some ridiculous question, and the big players just took him for an autist and ignored him, and since OP is part of /3/ board, he's drawing a conclusion that /3/tards aren't treated serious because of people like him.
>asking a ridiculous question
OP clearly said he was contacting individual artists for commissioned work
Are you complaining you offered 50 cent for a model and they didnt respond?
He said he asked for a quote, maybe OP is just insane
when you ask for a quote, they set the price lad
Oh, sorry not native english. Tought you asked for a short bit of text
basically OP said he asked a bunch of artists to do work for a fee that they set and still they didnt respond to him, not knowing how much money he was or wasnt willing to spend or much about his identity depending on if he used his real or fake name in the email

that's OP's point - he was willing to give his money away, but these people wouldnt even consider him
>how much do u charg 4 sparkl pony mesh? ineed it for vrchat!!!
No replies

>I am [job title] with [studio / firm / representing a client] and we are looking for artists interested in working on [archviz / a movie / a game / some other kind of project], we're paying [$$$ an hour for a studio position] or [$$$ up front for a contract job].
>We [do / don't ] require you to relocate, and you [will / won't ] be collaborating with other artists.
>If you're interested in [what we're doing], you can see [our concept art / rough visualization / work already completed / animatics / kickstarter page] at [URL].
>Thanks [artist name] for your time, we're really big fans of your work, when we saw [relevant piece you did on artstation] we knew we needed you for our [project]!
>Sincerely, [OP's name] [job title] at [studio]
You might get replies with that, at the very least you'll get their form letter rejection but your company name and your name will be added to their digital rolodex. If your project succeeds and is interesting, that artist might contact you for the next one.
That's not how you ask for a quote if you're actually someone already in the industry for 25+ years
In that case, you call them on the phone because you already know them or one or two degrees of separation.

And the script of your dialogue is still going to sound like what I said except with more casual word usage and familiarity
>Calling on the phone

Are you retarded? You ask someone to do some small render, who knows what it is. You ask them over email. This is 2018. If they don't want money, you get a cyclical problem of them not having an apprentice or multiple apprentices doing side work and thus no one new can get in, even when work and money is being offered even in a "blank check" scenario like op describes
And what does that have to do with /3/?
Op is making appointments about the industry as a whole, so it has everything to do with /3/
*A point about
what the fuck? who are these so called "big fishes" in the industry? i was under the impression that everyone here was a pajeet working for peanuts, not that anyone was actually any good. if thats the case why cant i find anything good to learn off of online thats better than fucking cg cookie???
Go away, noob.
>in the industry for 25 years
The bullshit industry.

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