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I.T.T., we hide all threads we don't like and summarize what each of us want /3/ to personally be in a screencap as best as possible. Then we run through our train of thought as if we were the board's janitor/moderator. Being impartial is the most important aspect but it's okay to have a bit of bias since every system invariably has some of it (plus this is just so we can have a bit of fun).

I'll start:

Generals would be the lifeblood of the board and encouraged whenever possible, /vg/ style. Any thread that has an interesting topic and I personally think would promote a good amount of discussion would be allowed to stay. Software generals from big companies would be permanent staples of the board and unless a very large software revision comes out warranting a new thread, all discussion is encouraged to be kept to these specific generals.

Shill threads would immediately be pruned, these aren't good for the board's health. "Can you help me with X problem?" threads would also immediately be cut and the poster would be banned for a very small amount of time with a message directing him to the sticky and the current questions general thread. Same process for "I made this, thoughts/how do I improve this/I just made a donut" threads, this can be consolidated into the WiP general. Repeat offenders get larger bans.

If someone has a very distinct, professional portfolio or a very specific question, then exceptions can be made, but the board would be much tighter this way.
good stuff senpai

All kinds of generals should stay, I agree. Challenge threads should have more prominence as well, helps give the board more personality as well as ramp up its speed.

Software bait threads should be demolished. Anons found having pointless arguments over software should receive bans of at least several days (since /3/ is slow as all fuck). Only valid arguments objectively weighing the pros and cons should be allowed.

I think problem/issue threads still have some place on this board, though. They can get easily buried and ignored in question threads sometimes. They have to be specific and not something you can easily google, of course, if not those go into the questions general.

WIPs should filter into WIP threads, that I agree too.

Oh well, these are all just dreams. Not like any 4chan staff cares about the slowest board on its website. /3/'s just a small gated community.
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at this moment, i hid this thread.
Yeah I'd be okay with some question threads about some things that aren't that easy to figure out, but question threads on this board have slipped out of control. People know /3/ has essentially no moderation, to the point where you could post child porn here and probably get away with it, so they have no qualms about starting a thread on how to make a hole circular or how to drag vertices down to define the edge of the sword they're modeling. Most of these threads end up having less than ten replies before they fall out the bottom of the board. I'm fairly sure if it was all condensed onto the questions thread, there would be more eyes on the questions and thus a higher answering ratio.
fuck mods

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