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Is making waifu fanart a good way to become internet famous and eventually landing a job?
it can be a way of earning money, nor nescessarily fampus and job.
waifu and cute girls are nice
Not if it involves porn...or worse, fringe porn. Most employers aren't too impressed by your ability to model lolis or dragon dicks, belive me.
>huh duh you can't do waifu fan art that isn't porn
lmao faggots.
well the OP's image is misleading.
What you put in your portfolio is your choice, but by only having your waifu in there, you limit your options
I make waifushit almost exclusively now and I've got around 60 followers and 140 likes. I uploaded my serious first attempt nine months ago.

It's pretty slow-going but I enjoy doing it, and every model gets me a few new followers and at least a couple dozen likes now. It feels pretty good I guess, but I worry sometimes that the people following me might get tired of seeing nothing but that stuff. You look at someone like YAN though and his least popular model thoroughly trashes the metrics of all my models combined. I think a big part of internet fame in this area comes down to skill and how well you can translate a 2D image into 3D.

As far as a job is concerned, I think you can definitely do it in a place like Japan, I mean Xenoblade 2 is absolutely jam packed with anime boob, a bunch of other companies like bamco and arc do things in that style as well now.
*on sketchfab I should clarify
>all my models are anime
>animation reel is exclusively weeb bullshit
>can never join hobbyist projects to replace everything because too embarrassed to show my work
And it's my own damn fault.
Are you me?
post anime grills anon nobody will bully

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