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Hey guys, I got a problem that I don't find a solution for but feel it's a very easy thing that shouldnt need hours and hours of scrolling thru tutorials- I hust don't find something that helps me. Using cinema4D.

Heres the thing: I need to make an object very round and bubbly. I importet a logo file and used the extrude tool to well- extrude it and then used the Bevel tool to make it more round.. But I can't get rid of edges.

What the fuck can I do?
Obviously beginner here
Apply subdivision surfave modifier
File: 1.png (396 KB, 1354x776)
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I think thats something in Blender, in c4d I added a regular subdivision surface but can't figure out where to go from here. I can't get rid of the edge where I extrude the original 2d logo at
you need to get rid of the smoothing groups if you want it to be round
without smoothening it's back to the first post.. It seems like something sooo simple but I spend fucking hours and can't figure this out

Check if you have overlapping vertices first of all. Press U, then shift+O to optimize the model (welds together overlapping vertices at a given threshold, the default value usually works well)

Check in the subdiv modifier if you have set the subdiv levels to something above 0.

Probably unlikely, but check if the model came with an SDS weight tag, to the right of the logo object. in the object menu. It's accessed only when live select (press 9, I think) is enabled. If any of the model is red, make sure you change the value to something you want, or just delete the tag.
File: engine1.png (586 KB, 1010x507)
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How do i stop subdivision surfacing from changing UV maps?

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