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File: purgatory.png (316 KB, 960x540)
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How could I make this look more realistic?
Use the magic of gamma correction and exposure correction.
add HDR to it, get an HDR monitor (real one, often labeled as a "TV" and not a computer monitor, only TVs have real HDR now)

use blender
This is a shithole board.
>PBR materials
>Learn about realistic lightning
>use a good raytracer renderer
>use realistic scale (measure the models)

dunno about the rest.
File: IMG_0048.jpg (31 KB, 443x332)
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Make the scene darker until the render is black and you can't see any of that nasty detail and texture
The light is supposed to be bright enough to shine onto the floor, but there are no visible light rays. The window is also a flat grey, you can't tell that light is even coming through it. Also yeah, pbr texturing. The pillar could be made of clay.
File: render2.png (377 KB, 960x540)
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377 KB PNG
I made a few changes to it
File: som.jpg (76 KB, 795x522)
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Hey there
What renderer are you using?

The textures are low-res and are not PBR, no wonder you can't achieve realism with them. Those simple models with sharp edges don't help either.
OP, I think your question should be "How do I make this more appealing? How do I make this authentic? How do I make the viewer feel like they're taking a trip to Purgatory?"

Realism is a style question, which others have already commented on, and I think you are chasing after "realism" in an effort to go after authenticity, which can be achieved regardless of style (so long as the style is still technically proficient, obviously) and is more a matter of the planning you do before beginning the work (the concept) and the arrangement of the shot after finishing the work (the composition). To that end consider the following:

First of all, what is your vision of purgatory? Here's mine based on a little bit of religion, a little bit of Dante's Inferno, a little bit of the medieval viking bullshit that played a significant role in the formation of all the extra shit that gets added to Christianity (and by extension Catholicism) that isn't really in the bible:
Purgatory is a place where you have an insurmountable task (the climb towards heaven) that can only be achieved by hundreds of years of toil and the intercession of prayers from the living.
The goal of one in purgatory is to ascend, but also to reflect on your imperfect relationship with god (the reason you're in purgatory). It's important to understand that purgatory isn't a punishment but rather a kind of trial or quest or struggle meant to reform or rehabilitate or cleanse you.
"I tell you, you will never get out till you have paid the very last copper" (Luke 12:59) which I take to mean "until you devote yourself utterly".
There's an element of solemnity to it, and an element of joyful beatitude (the happiness that comes from devotion to God), and where you strike the balance is up to you.


Cont from prev post:

Now of course there's quite a bit of influence between norse mythology's Hel and the catholic concepts of purgatory, saints, named demons, and so on that arose in the Middle Ages. So you might want to think also about Hel (the person as well as the place) and her Stumbling Block and the description of her realm in the Prose Eda.
The description of Helheim is where you get the abyss or limbo like place, a place that drains you of your life and energy and puts obstacles in your way meant to humiliate and vex you.
So think about how you want to symbolize those concepts I mentioned (which are by no means exhaustive). Do you want to have a big mountain, or a tower, or a great tree pointing upward to symbolize the ascension?
Do you want to have a pit or a great crevice to represent the depths the character / viewer is in, and they seek to perhaps reach the high point where the viewer is looking down at them (which is likely itself merely a ledge vastly well below heaven)?
Do you want to symbolize the intercession aspect, such as rays of sunshine or brightly colored birds flying over head, or the roots or vines of sturdy living plants giving handholds?
How do you symbolize the struggle, the slow and determined plodding that one is to undertake over centuries? Perhaps with mud, perhaps with pools of water that reflect the viewer or character

Maybe none of that nature shit, maybe instead a great tower of stairs, or a tremendous mansion with the mansion equivalent of what I said (mirrors, stairs, a big wide upward view).
what is reality
File: ohboy.jpg (75 KB, 500x351)
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Yep. I wanted to make a new trailer for the game in Blender, but after a while I realized that unless I used a ultra-realistic character, it would look weird and out of place. So I'm just modeling some bits from the game for fun.

That's the original source, a 2001 game.

These are very interesting ideas. I might make an actual purgatory someday. But now, like I said, I'm just recreating some scenes from a game. But yes, I want to make it more appealing.

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