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Is there a way to apply dynamic paint, smoke, a particle system, etc. to all the boxes at once, without having to select each box and apply them individually?
since blender's physics and particle system are object modifiers (whose settings are located in a different, dedicated panel) all you have to do is select all cubes you want to copy settings to, then select the cube you want to copy settings from, and go to object > make links > modifiers
Thanks! I'll give it a try as soon as I can. I hope it doesn't just copy the modifier but also the modifier settings, like adding dynamic paint and then enabling canvas.

This is what I hate most about blender. It's so convoluted and half arsed. Why I can't make a group of objects and simply click once on a modifier to add it to all objects is beyond me.
I'm not completely sure but you could try doing an array?
>simply click once on a modifier to add it to all objects is beyond me.
because ctrl + d = duplicate object.
alt + d = duplicate object and info.
Thanks. I'll look into that.

Doesn't quite work when you have an object that's been prefractured into a shit load of pieces and you want all them to have the same modifier and settings.
except you can by going to object > make links > object data
alt + d duplicates objects so that they share the object data with the source object; so this has the same effect, except you can do it after the fact
Okay, I might be nit picking, but it seems they're more steps than there needs to be. I mean, I have to click on the dynamic paint button to add it to a single object, why not to a group of objects? I select the group then add dynamic paint - 2 clicks. I select the object, apply the modifier, object > make links > modifiers - 5 clicks.

Besides from what I've just read object > make links seems quite destructive, as itll delete any existing modifiers the object has.
>why not to a group of objects
i suppose the idea is that if someone wants to add a modifier or use a tool on one object, they won't have to go back and undo it for all the other objects in that group.
sort of a "it's better to do more work than it is to undo work" mentality?

>object > make links ... delete[s] any existing modifiers the object has
that's correct.
the objects that are being linked are getting their modifier data from the object they are being linked to.
the probable reason is that the modifier data for the source object is more important than the modifier data of the objects being linked, as evidenced by you linking them to said object instead of the other way around.
it's also a good idea in that it prevents objects from inheriting duplicate modifiers, which you would then have to go back and manually undo.
>Doesn't quite work when you have an object that's been prefractured into a shit load of pieces and you want all them to have the same modifier and settings.
do that with one item, then alt + d the copies.
delete your other ones that you made already.
it's literally that quick.
Yes, object > make links > modifiers does copy across the smoke modifier to all objects, it even sets it to collision but it fucking doesn't set collision type to animated. I've still got to select every fucking object individually and manually set the collision type. As half arsed as you can get!

I don't want to create any copies. I have all the individual, unique, objects I need, generated by cell fracture. All I want is all the hundred objects to have the exact same modifiers with the exact same settings.
Fuck me. Instead of just clicking Animated you have to have all the objects selected, hover the mouse pointer over Animated and press Alt+Enter. This changes the settings across all the objects. What a convoluted way of doing things. If thinks like this don't change blender will never be taken seriously.

Can't believe I have to keep a .txt file full of pointless keyboard shortcuts.
or you can just right click the button and select "copy to selected"

Thanks for the tip. Definitely more convenient than alt+enter. I'm not sure if I want to give blender a hug or smash it's face in.
Couldn't ctl+l work in this case?
Blender's particle system sucks dick, as does its fluid and smoke system. It certainly works and looks good if you spend enough time for it.

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