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>fbx - simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)

can someone explain to me what this means? how is it "without materials" if it has the maps and textures? is it that they aren't applied onto the model? is this an issue for fbx or something?
>> is this an issue for fbx or something?

Can't answer your other questions, but materials and even multi-materials shouldn't be an issue for FBX. Whenever I'm unsure where my FBX is going to be used or where I'm next going to open it, I just assign the very most basic scanline shader and I've never had an issue.

FBX holds onto a *lot* of information very efficiently. Just the other day, I exported one from Max, then needed to bring it back into a completely fresh Max scene - and the FBX exporter had even stored the original layers that were in the scene when I pushed it out.

So, no. Materials probably haven't been included because it was constructed with Corona or Vray mats and the author was too lazy to convert them to more general purpose /
universally compatible material types.
>>Materials probably haven't been included because it was constructed with Corona or Vray mats

Now that I think about it, some apps (Substance Painter, in my experience) will just flat out refuse to open a mesh if it has something like a VRay mat applied - so the whole thing becomes unusable because of the inclusion of one material, and you need to go and sort it out in Max / Maya etc.

So, now I think about it, it probably is a wise bet to just leave mats out entirely to ensure maximum compatibility.
i ask because my model is in max and fbx format but im working on maya. can maya communicate with max files?
Ah, well as long as you have two exact same iterations of Max and Maya (so, they both have to be 2018 versions with same service pack updates), you can use the 'connect' feature between them to send and receive assets between platforms:


But if it's an FBX it shouldn't matter - FBX is a universal format which should work exactly the same in Max as it does in Maya.
You have to import it though, obviously. You can't just 'open' an FBX.
how tedious is it to reattach materials? if i have say a chandelier do i have to select the frame and import the metal shader, and gass, and so on with the corresponding maps?
In Maya I'm not sure, been a while since I used it.
In Max, it's not too much of an issue. Do it in the Slate material editor, don't fuck around with compact. Just get one material network setup then duplicate it and switch the maps out as necessary. It doesn't take long.
If the pic in your first post is the scene you're talking about btw I'd bet there's only about 10-15 different mats in there.

(If you're doing ArchViz style interiors etc you may wanna consider switching to Max btw, its way more suited to that work, but anyway)
eh, i'm not planning for archviz per se, it's just that i came across an inexorable amount of evermotion models and wanted to set up an environment that i could animate in.in that regard, are these models usually too high poly for such a thing?

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