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This book was recommended by a guy called Alvaro Zabala in a CGSociety interview. Is anyone aware of this book and is it worth the $80 US?

Any other book recommendations on cg, or just general art?
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OP here, there is also another book called Anatomy of Facial Expression. This one is $100 according to their website. I'm not aware of any second-hand versions of these books being sold for much cheaper, and buying a digital copy is out of the question because I have never been able to read from PDF's.
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I am more of a artis than modeller.
I've looked into this book from /ic prospective.

It had a lot of detailed DIGITAL references and transparent models highlighting specific muscules and how to distribute faty curves on the female body.

I personally prefer shit like Hampton, Vilppu and Proko video than show the process of constricting specific muscules like where the begin and where they end how to build them up etc.

>80 $
The only paper I would pay 80$ for is a 100$ bill. Just download a PDF lol and pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick, save the 30$ for later.
I just ordered a 3d printer for less than double the price you want to spend on a piece of paper with pictured on it.

Its on CGPeers, you can buy it later if you love it a lot and feel grateful to the authors.
>that orange peel
why the fuck do you worry about other people's money?... if everybody was pirating, nobody woul;d have made quality tutorials, at least proffesionals who know how to teach.
and yeah ve got it, you are smart guy, and know how to handle money.
>pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick
>lol and pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick

my sides

Is this how 3D people get through their hectic jobs

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