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How do I make money making renders?

>exploit gullible sheep on Patreon with SFM porn
>realize the futility of your life
>huh duh le porn money
kek these faggots can't think of anything less cringy.
render something really cool like a new meme but only give one frame of the obvious rest you have. Then, offer the opportunity to buy it but only ship in some obsolete form, like VHS so it'll be harder to duplicate. Charge like $300.
Unironically, shitty SFM or DAZ porn.
sell assets in any asset store. real essay anon
This will also look good on resume if that's what you're into.

Also, there's the low hanging fruit of selling stock pictures of generic bar graphs like pic related. Just make yours more colorful.
>make something people fap to
>get a fucking rush knowing people are enjoying and admiring your work on a deeper and more intimate level than the greatest works of art in any museum
>have a near blackout fap session
Truly it is sublime. The only danger is that you might turn out like Shadman, surrendering the last vestiges of your humanity upon the altar of fetishism
File: 1473061669076.png (48 KB, 250x250)
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>not surrendering the last vestiges of your humanity upon the altar of fetishism
He makes porn as his income, his livelyhood, and he's so secure in it that he has time to create shitposts as highly detailed and erotic as his actual porn. He left mere humanity behind and ascended to a higher plane.

you can do this shit with much less effort in Illustrator
you need some talent to produce cool arrows in illustrator. in 3d the renderer and the material does all the job for you.
File: graph.jpg (49 KB, 800x600)
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Well yeah, I tried to do something like that. This would've taken me at least a couple hours in Illustrator. How does it look?

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