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yo is it still sensible to do a concept drawing then box edit on top of it, or has everyone jumped on the zbrush train? what's the general approach now for making a base mesh?
My approach. Base mesh (skin modifier) outlining the concept → sculpt → retopo → fine detail sculpt without topology change → optional detail bake.
>fine detail sculpt without topology change
so painting depth values?
2D concept first on cintiq always.
Not sure about ZBrush terminology. I was thinking of Multires sculpting in Blender, so yeah, whatever is equivalent to that in ZBrush.
pick one
I was joking about texturing with depth maps, since they add detail, but don't change topology.

You guys go to every thread here, but what you want is to probably change boards instead.
The draw back with zbrush is you will usually have to do manual topology. Yeah it has auto retop but if you want to animate the sculpt you are using forget it. Even with static objects it sometimes has trouble with corners. You can use guide loops and paint areas for concentrated topology but usually if your model is complex auto top is never going to give you the results you could do yourself.

I think if an object can be made with a base mesh first then brought to zbrush and subdivided as you work on details thats the best way to go.

Saves time when it comes to the re-topology process which can take hours.
model base mesh->sculpt->bake maps
sculpt base mesh->retopologize->bake maps
either workflow is fine, but you really should incorporate sculpting in some way unless you're doing pure low poly.
im doing high poly it's just that i don't know if i have to sculpt outside of maya for it since it has the tools. i just didn't know what approach was better and i don't have zbrush yet. im making character models.
>re-topology process which can take hours.
honestly I don't think it takes that long. You could have a whole face or maybe even a head of a character done in half hour, if you know what you are doing.

I don't see why so many people are afraid of sculpt, then retopo process. Retopo is fun, especially if you like modeling.
I would understand if more technical people were afraid of sculpting, but not retopo.

Well, if you still don't have zbrush, and you need a retopo software, I think 3d-coat is a good start. Even better if you don't have substance painter, and some people say 3d-coat is better for texturing, if you are not going for pbr.
If you miss multiple areas of pipeline, 3d-coat is a good value for money.

Which course is this from?
>blender sculpting still doesn't have automatic retopo

OP here. so box model out the base mesh then zbrush? also can evermotion architecture models work in a game engine or are they too high poly.
ULTIMATE Career Guide: 3D Artist by Marc Brunet

it's on https://cubebrush.co

I cannot recommend it yet. I cannot say I learnt noghin, because he tells you quite a bit about the industry and working at blizzard, but as far as the actual sculpting goes, it's a sped up footage with him recording a voice over after that. There are some tips there, but it's more of a showcase of what he does, rather than teaching you. I'm only at chapter 4 out of 7, with one more chapter to be done. Chapters 1-3 are interesting, but they are not really tutorials, or they don't feel that way, because I'm not completely new, and if I were, I wouldn't be able to get much out of future chapters.

You can use CB-F70703CD code to get 20% off your first order.

>box model out the base mesh then zbrush?
box modeling is optional with zbrush. You can just use zspheres, or make a model out of primitives and dynamesh when you need to.
but then what do i do if i need to lower the polycount on the model? what do i bake the normals onto?
You would bake the details onto your lower poly re-topologized model.
Thanks! Looks good, tho I’m not a big fan of sped-up recordings as well. I’ll be keeping a tab on it since I feel it could be more useful to me once I’m more skilled.

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