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Anyone here work with Unreal Engine 4 decently enough to help out a brainlet?
>Dug around through the .pak file for Friday the 13th the Game and found unreleased clothing
>Wanted to extract the .pak file and swap the models and textures on different clothing and repack the game
>Have no idea how to turn it back into a .pak file after finishing what I wanted within the files.
>I can't open the .uproject in UE4.14 (the version it was made on) because it keeps saying some of the modules were built on a different engine so it needs to rebuild them
>press ok and it says it couldn't be compiled and to try rebuilding from source manually

Already tried to just zip the files up and change the file extension to .pak aswell but the game doesn't recognize it like that so it has to be something I need to do in Unity and I can't find shit on the web about how to go about doing it. I also used UnrealPak.exe to unpack the WindowsNoEditor pak file and that worked fine. How can I package the files back into a pak file so the game recognizes it again?
Actually, after scubbing my PC, I don't have these dlls and have no idea where to get them from.
bumping for help still.
They're probably using a modified editor with in-house tools and plugins for UE4.
So this means there's no way I can repackage the game? Is there any program that at least lets me rename files within the game's pak file without extracting it then or just in general a pak editor?
File: Error.png (12 KB, 684x182)
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Nevermind I figured out how to package and compress the game back into it's .pak state and Umodel can recognize everything as the game's original pak file but when starting the game up I get this error.

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