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can we have a proper tutorial thread? What tutorials do you find useful ?

pic related: nob need better skills
Lurkin, I want to learn more things about Blender and 3D Modelling in general but not sure where to start.
Really should start watching tuts again... some of them are comfy as fuck.
If you can get past the Elmer Fudd voice, this Blender tutorial is the only one I've found that both teaches you how to make trees, and actually produces trees that look nice instead of the usual stiff toothpick trees.

code: CB-F70703CD

20% off your first purchase at cubebrush.co/marketplace

I'm posting it here because I will get 10% off my next purchase if someone uses it.

Can someone recommend a good intro to Zbrush 4R8?

All intro tutorials I found are for older versions, and I would like something up to date. (I like sculpting in 3d-coat, but some of the glitches just kill me and I want to use the so called superior, industry standard)
I use Pluralsight. It’s expensive but I share an account with like 30 other people which drove the price down to $5 a year for me. Their tutorials are pretty organized and if you wanna learn a new program in like, less than a day, you can do that.
>Buying tutorials
Why not just go to a cheap community college and sit in on classes?
teaches constraints to anyone that want to make cool simulations

bug off pajeet
Because of:
>unfocused curriculum
>group learning environment
>pacing - wasting time on things that could be learned in much shorter time / not being able to pace yourself
>inflexible studying hours
>wasting time and money on commuting
>learning from tutors who are out of the industry / not learning from your x idol who happens to have a course online
>potentially higher costs

There is probably more, but those are the main ones I can think of.
Of course college has some advantages too, but you probably know them, so I don't need to write them up

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