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How the fuck do I attach ears? They will have to move later for animation. Should I just extrude from the side of the head and remake the shape?
You've got to merge the vertices with the head. Make sure there is an opening on the ear to attach to the corresponding opening on the head.

Also, you're going to want to make sure everything matches up evenly and that every vertex point has something to connect to. (When attaching to the head mesh)
Mesh > Combine

Then you'll need to merge verts or edges.
Select both objects first, then mesh combine.*
People are still wasting their time poly modeling characters? Stop being a lazy fuck and learn zbrush.
I should have been more clear. I mean how to attach the ear without making a tone more geometry or ending with lots of triangles.

I just moved on with hair and went back to the ear later.

This thread can be closed now.
What do you do after sculpting?

That's right, you retopologize aka waste your time poly modeling characters.
but this problem is actually easily fixable by using retopo tools.

Lads, both ways are correct. Though retopo tools do make things easier as they let you mess about with just the topology while keeping the shape intact.


You either increase the loops on the head or reduce the loops on the ear. If you want them attached there's no way around it, you have to equalize the number of loops between the two somehow.

You can use Zremesher along with Zremesher guides if you don't like retopo, it gets the job done. Retopo itself is way easier than poly modeling, you basically just use the quad draw tool and follow along.

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