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File: Maui The Rock Johnson.jpg (155 KB, 736x1076)
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155 KB JPG
Hey guys. I'm back, and I'm wanting to redeem myself. I will be sticking to one thread from here on out.

What do you guy think of my new animation?
Does it look game industry AAA quality?

Thanks in advance.

i duno much about guns but i will say this

you should loop it a few times when you put it on youtube when its such a short animation, else make it a gif or something as its hard to watch again and again to examine different parts when i have to press replay every 3s
You are right, I'll keep that in mind!

BTW, rightclick on vid, then click "loop"
its very counter strike beta, circa 1999
Oh yeah right, come on man, it's 10x better than CS!

Be real man! :P
thx i didnt know i could do that rightclick, keep it up anon
Looks very “game-like”. Your autism will interpret that as a compliment. It is not .
Well, I'm wanting to go for a Game-y, call of duty-like Style.
Not necessarily real life like.

Care to give me critique that is constructive instead of being a dickhead?

And I'm not autistic, I believe in god.
File: 1516898298106.jpg (33 KB, 445x345)
33 KB
I have never seen such advanced shitposting
It's pretty damn solid. I want to see the the gun firing for a few seconds, maybe sync the animation with a FPS controller. Take the next step.
You really need to do bouncing ball exercises, dude.
I appreciate that, my UE4 is not wanting to import models, so I'm gonna have to figure that out. Unity is fine, but I cant find a proper tutorial on that! I appreciate the feedback

I don't understand, what is that? For "bounce" weight and stuff?
Nigga how are you even on 4chan
>Does it look game industry AAA quality?

I pity this guy, really
You "pity this guy" because I'm asking a question anyone who has ever had aspirations has asked.

haha, You know that you come off as a retard right now dude?

>"uh what is a random insult... oh! I know, this will make people really laugh and be with me!"

Come on, if you want to make me feel insulted try something not completely stupid

How am I even on 4chan? What does that mean?
Are animator jobs exclusively for guns a thing? The guy said that he only wants to create reload animations before. But not even every weapon animation, just the reloading part. I can't believe that a job position like that exists.

OP, have you done some other animations like firing or weapon switching? I'm kinda worried about you because even though a strong focus and wanting to specialize in something is good, it seems that you're doing the opposite of something often seen - spreading yourself too thin - you, on the other hand, are putting too much time on something too narrow.

I just had a thought about potentially retarded analogy, but here it goes.

Imagine there's a golden nugget burried under a ground. You and some other people are trying to obtain it. Now, people who are "spreading themselves too thin" will start digging little by little on a large area, because they are not exactly sure where the golden nugget's position is. They're indecisive and are afraid of a failure, so they take a safer route. If they fail at one part and there is nothing under the ground, they'll just continue digging on another part. But their problem is that the process is incredibly slow and stressful.

You though. You know exactly what you want and where the nugget is. So you take a needle and start pushing it in the ground. It is digging fast and soon it hits a nugget. But then you realize something - the needle made so thin of a hole that you still can't get to that nugget. Now you have to go all the way back and start digging with another needle, until you create a hole large enough to take the nugget out of the ground. Ultimately, you kinda fucked yourself as well.

Idk, the point is just that there has to be a middle ground. Don't be autistic about something super niche but also don't be too general either.
OP Here. I do various animations: shooting, reload, idle, swap, cocking, put away, take out, first person character animation, character animation in 3rd person. I only upload the reloads.
>game industry AAA quality
I like the animation, much better than your other shit. I am just an animation fag, not a fucking gun reload expert though.
Also quit spamming the board.
OP here, I haven't posted in a month or so.
Not spamming.
I just looked up the MPL reload animation from Black Ops 1, it's fucking identical. Poses, timing and all.
https://youtu.be/ur38heAw228 (2:31)
You've got no buisness calling this your animation. It's not hard to make "game industry AAA quality" stuff when you're basically plagiarising on a nearly frame by frame level
fuck off, make your own animations
He just needs to fuck off period.
Literally a new thread every single shitty animation. Always gun reloads, never anything else.
OP is a fag who needs to kill himself.
/3/ is a slow board. It's still spam. Fuck off.
>Haven't posted in a month or so
>Not spam
Lies and lies.
Two threads are still alive, both under 1 month old. There's no reason for you to have 3 threads alive. Fuck off.

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