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How would one go about achieving this layered fur in Blender?

I know how to make and comb a hair particle system the way I want, but from there, how do I create mesh/ texture layers from a hair particle system?
If this is for realtime/game, you can use this I guess http://www.froyok.fr/blog/2012-10-breakdown-shadow-of-the-colossus-pal-ps2
Yes, I intend to use this for realtime purposes. Specifically on sketchfab.

Thanks for the article!
File: Alvinacat.png (259 KB, 510x367)
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Not OP, but why exactly do this kind of layering instead of planes? Is it really that much of a performance boost? Dunno, it just looks like a weird strobe effect surrounding furry characters most of the time.
In your pic it's the same layering effect in principle, but done via shaders instead of geometry, it's arguable which one is works better because it depends on the object, and whether your hardware is transform or shader-limited. There's no real way to make performant hair/fur in games other than using a layering effect, whether through shaders or planes. Even the awesome (but discontinued) NeoFur plugin for Unreal used shells, albeit in a very dynamic way.

I don't think it's discontinued, just put on hold. Hopefully it will be available soon, because I need it.
What you can do for the time being is get the last released version from some place like CGPersia/Peers, open it in an older engine version that it works with, and port it to a new one manually by just dragging all the stuff over.
Oftentimes you can get away with "updating" outdated plugins this way as long as they don't rely on anything major that happened under the hood of the engine, but if it's a simple exception you could also fix the problem yourself. The Persia community has it working up to 4.17 I believe.
he is literally making the _ ____ __ ____ ___ face
File: fox2.webm (457 KB, 1280x506)
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This game looked so good for its time
File: fox and krystal.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x506)
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1.22 MB WEBM
File: JXEConker.jpg (141 KB, 960x549)
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OP here. Finally got around to checking out the article.

It's basically the same thing I have been finding while trying to google around for this stuff. An explanation as to how these sort of fur effects work in games. Not necessarily how to make them.

Unless I am missing something. Does anyone have any info or guides on how to make these sorts of fur effects? I understand how to use plains and I am confident that I can even produce a texture for just sticking an assload of planes on a character, but it's my understanding that using shells and plains over just plains can be far less taxing when done with optimization in mind.

Also these.
Conker Live and Reloaded is probably another good example of this effect.

These games have always looked like ass from an artistic perspective. I can rip into that image alone. Fur looks oily, shit texture transitioning on the bottom of that ledge. Doesn't flow into the columns on the side. That garbage DOF. Horrible lighting, and it even looks like the claws have shading/ model errors near their bases.
Interesting read. I used something similar (layered shells) in offline rendering a few years before SOTC came out.

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