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File: yavMiJ9.png (217 KB, 1983x1500)
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I want to be a character artist but I understand getting a job like this requires you to be near-perfect.

Is it better to do environments and get into the industry this way, or only focus on characters?
See, you're saying it like creating environments is trivial and you can get a job as an environment artist just like that. It's a completely different beast and it doesn't make sense to spend years of your time mastering that if you like character art. If you are certain you want to be exclusively a character artist, then turbofocus on that until you become godlike.

Not that it's trivial, but there's more room for error/learning creating props at an entry or mid level
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
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Why couldn't you be a junior character artist? you have options:
>Small startup producing low-tier content: you will have more responsibilities and learn as you panic (super effective). They don't really know what they're doing 2/3 of the time and nothing is really established, so it's up to you to be autonomous and develop best practices to improve along side a few co-workers.
>Mid-level company producing mobile games or whatnot: You'll work on a bit more specific tasks with a bigger team and 1-2 folks will oversee anything you do and give you cues on how to get better as you contribute to various projects.
>Big-ass AAA company: You'll be indoctrinated into a fully established pipeline and be fed a million do's and don't in your first month of work on very specific tasks. You'll fuck up a lot but it's fine, other people are there to correct that shit, they won't mind or fire you because they know you're a junior and they've already filed all the paperwork for insurance anyway. You'll have nightmares about anatomy/proportions feedback but your skills will have exponentially developed after a year.

If you have to get up in the morning to sit in front of the computer to manage vertices and pixels for 8-10h/day for the rest of your career, better make it about something that you are actually interested in.
There are more good character artists than environment ones... So I don't know...
I kinda doubt that
What is that model?
I've always thought of flow as a band in the middle along y=x.
Maybe tapering off at the low end.
Ah sorry did not notice you see environment artists as prop modellers.
uh yea, this
characters sell better and easier to master. props and environments are piss easy to start, but you barely see true masters of environmental design because: a. it's fucking hard b. no one actually gives a shit about environments.
i blame normies and their focus on titties.
>easier to master
pick one
Characters seem harder to master because the human eye is very good at spotting when something looks off about a person.

It's easier to do "decent" with crappy environment art, sure, but you're here to apply yourself, aren't you?


Humans focus on characters and find more beauty in it, its just our nature.

Only a weirdo will look at a masterfully rendered boulder for more than a few seconds.

However on multiple occasions I have spent up to 10 minutes observting beutifully sculpted characters.
I'll observe both examples for a long period of time if they are really good. Even a masterfully sculpted rock with interesting shape is a rare thing, and if you're an artist, I don't know why you would say only weirdos would care about a godly rendered boulder. I mean, normies will almost never appreciate it, but at least you should be able to see something more in it. I'd bet you haven't ever even tried sculpting something like that. I had, and it is pretty painful to make something like that beautiful. I can't believe how many crap rock tutorials get featured on 80lv and get tons of upboats on YT.
So, focus on characters or environments only?
But environment art is not all about creating boulders, bricks, crates and what not. In games particularly it's way more than that. It's about making interesting environments that are interesting to explore. I highly recommend you all to check out Witcher 3 articles on 80lv.
If you're not passionate about any of these I suggest you quit 3d. You won't get good If everything you care about is to get work.
If you’re passionate about characters then focus on characters. Doing environments isn’t gonna make you any better at doing characters.

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