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>mfw I realized that spending 1 year on something is "not a lot" in the CG world, and in fact, you may be ahead of most at that point

Time ceases to have any meaning when you work on big projects, don't it, /3/? What? Wait a sec...you're not even in the industry?
Not in industry, never been in it either, already spent about a decade on this shit already.
I just model casually every now and then though, so I'm kinda shit.
a phd in something takes 4 years, cg studies are only 2 years

so my estimate is that you need to have 4 years of school+self studies
i learned 2 years worth in 1 year, it honestly depends on the person, some learn quicker
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>implying you can fairly and accurately evaluate your own learning abilities compared to all the other people
get off your high horse, faget
How do you even know that? What did you use for a comparison? I'm kinda interested about that too, in April it will be a year since I started learning. I always find it surprising when I read project breakdowns by professionals, and when they say that they are trying things like substance painter for the first time, or seeing the environment artist modeling his grass for the first time. It's strange to me that as someone with years of industry experience, you are only now learning about standard tools and such. So maybe I also learned a lot in my first year. Here's a list of programs I feel confident in:
>3ds max
>Substance painter
>Substance designer
>World machine
>Vray, Cycles and Arnold

Now, that doesn't mean that my work is on a pro level yet, but it usually gets positive comments so that might mean something.

I tried almost all of the usually used tools except for Marvelous designer. It was pretty much the main thing I did for the past year though, since I had a semi gap in college, so a lot of free time. Honestly a bit worried that I spent all that time on 3D though, since I'm not sure if I want to get into the industry, and since I don't have a job yet or a clean direction in my life and potential career, in that way it might have been a waste of time. But I really got into it for some reason, can't stop thinking about all the projects I want to do. Still, it's only one of my hobbies so yeah.
no maya or houdini

why even go on?
True, I want to try Houdini as well.

Now, I know you're memeing, but I actually was thinking about trying Maya, although I already feel I'm spreading myself thin and don't know if spending my time on yet another modeling program will make sense. But maybe I'd enjoy the workflow more, who knows.
I want to see you in a real production environment for a week. Your list of programs you feel "confident" in will shrink to zero very quqickly.

A tip: You are overestimating yourself, our HR hates that. You wouldn't even make it to round one if you claim you are fluent in all those programs after a year.
again, how do you know that?
I knew somebody would respond like that even though I clearly stated I don't think I'm a pro at all nor would I be able to work in a studio yet. I'm just good enough to be able to produce things with those tools on my own without many problems. Come on, you seem to be offended. It's easy to make assumptions and attack people for no reason.

But as I said, I'm interested on what level I'm at now, and I don't know how I could compare my skills with something. It's hard to find works of first year students without prior experience, which might be a good reference.
I'm not offended, but I see self-taught artists weekly that try to work in our studio and have absolute patchwork knowledge on a basic level at best.

If you want to judge your skills show us your portfolio.
What do your interview and art tests look like?
>phd in something takes 4 years
8 years.
>our HR hates that
Maybe, but then again, after 10 years of professional work I still have to meet a single competent HR employee. It's always either a 45yo lady who can't computer and fucks up all the time, or a younger chick fresh out of a communications degree that produces roughly a week of work in her whole year.
I was like that once, and I'm still ashamed sometimes. Being confident because you don't know that you don't know is the absolute worst.
I'd like to get an answer to my question rather than continue to be attacked. Did I say anywhere I'm looking for a job or that I can produce AAA art? No, I didn't, and I have nothing to prove to you. I asked for some examples of art tests and people I can compare myself with so I can see where I'm at, that's it.

I know what I can and can't do, and I didn't mean to larp as some smartass here. I did learn a lot of these programs to a decent degree through a lot blood and sweat and 0 social life and I don't need to be "called out" on my "delusion" because of that. I'm pretty harsh on myself already and I always ask people to be as honest as possible and roast me if needed. I really try to be realistic about my abilities because ultimately, I'd be only lying to myself.
calm your tits anon, I wasnt attacking you, I was even saying that i was like you once

also, how the fuck is anyone supposed to recommend you an art test if we don't even know what you do? you just cited a whole bunch of softwares. if you'd care to be more specific, I'm sure I or someone else will help

this being said, don't be butthurt, there's enough bad shit on /3/ that I don't think anyone would seriously want you to fail and give up - well at least I wouldnt. If you're dedicated and critital of yourself, you're on the right track.

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