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Maybe I should quit 3D while I still can. This chronic lack of time doesn't seem fun, and it seems a lot of 3D artists work like animals for a shitty salary, considering what skillset you need to have.
definitely doesn't seem like the best industry to get into unless those 12 hours would've been spent doing 3D anyway.
>work like animals for a shitty salary, considering what skillset you need to have.
To be honest you can copy/paste this sentence with regards to a variety of jobs. The old grass is always greener saying? If you want to enjoy doing 3D, just don't do it professionally.
Working that much during an internship makes sense because you're really trying to learn from those around you and build your skills fast so you can actually get a job.
3 years in working as a pro and I always leave at 5 PM. Some game artists I know leave at 5 and take two hour lunch breaks.
get better and have a good workflow so you dont have to work 12 hours... ffs
Tell that to all the game devs in AAA studios when crunch time arrives.
>don't do it professionally
Maya is 2k a year and Blender is 2k outright. Then their is the computer you need to buy that is powerful enough to run 3d software. Thats a very expensive hobby.
>and Blender is 2k outright.
what in the fuck?

All these winter break underagefags shitting up this board
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Feels good not being a 3D slave

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