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Comments / suggestions on this robot model i'm working on? Attempting to keep clean/simple and 'cute'.
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Remember to have large primary shapes, smaller secondary shapes for more details, and then smaller details called tertiary details, and make sure the tertiary details are in clumps
This was said by Gleb Alexandrov in some video or something but it works well for everyone

Your model may be nice but it's lackluster and doesn't hold too much attention, you may wanna learn how to make a model more captivating
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requires an edge to define where the glass starts and the plastic ends.
Thank you! I'm going to read up more about this concept and try to implement into this design. I agree right now it's 'okay' - i'm trying to update the design to make more captivating.
Ah thank you - you are right, i think i will try to extrude / push in the glass to define that hard plastic edge.
Slice in some edges (or make normal maps) to add detail on the large white sections, especially the helmet.
Definitely needs more detail. I'd suggest having little ports that "hold" the head, arms and little hemisphere at the bottom to the body, because right now they look like separate objects. Add some panelling to the back of the robot and to its arms as well, something like access panels for any mechanic to hypothetically work on. I understand you're going for a "simple" aesthetic and fear that too many details will obfuscate it, so I'd suggest referencing to the Portal aesthetic. Complexity peeks out under the hood, but it's otherwise hidden by smooth white shells that still make Aperture Science's robots look sleek and simple. I'd also say that the gold shell of the robot is shaped oddly, the area on the top looks odd, kinda like a bald spot. Either cut out more and go Daft Punk, or cover it up and make it look more like those fancy new SpaceX suits.
needs some guns or maybe a grenade or something

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