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How do I get over the fear of starting something?

It's paralysing.
just do it fagget :DDDDD
seriously don't want to be mean but thats it.
just. do. it. don't think much about it.
start working on something involving shemales. Soon you will be rolling in REAL MONEY
start using drugs...
I also had that problem. I was not starting to learn.
Start with a Pomodoro and then continue with a second Pomodoro.
Care to expand? I'm guessing weed?
I will literally consume what you sugest I'm that desperate
I kinda joked, and not weed.
weed is the first thing that stops me from doying things.
don't get me wrong, I love weed and I always smoke it, but never when I have to work, or learn.
the main thing with drugs is, that you MUST controll them. if you need them, you must take it as medication.

I'd suggest Psychodelics, it really busts your creativity. but once in a month, because when you do psychodelics very often, it really loses it's magic. I'd also suggest not to take trips too spiritually... you don't need to be hippie to trip. )) and the main thing, you should trip to it's fullest, with high doses ))

also .. this is very shitty suggestion.
Quit weed for a few days. Stop whatever project you are doing and plan something you could do in a day or if you know designer, make a quick substance ball for your portfolio, quick and actionable progress
Fukken this
For some reason coffee doesn't let me do any work
If I smoke a fuckton of weed I end up learning a lot and doing a lot of work
But I react differently to weed than others do so don't take this at face value

Try a few things see what you like and what works

More importantly start generally doing a lot of excercise and lifting etc

The testosterone alone will enhance your ability to start without being cynical
If I quit weed I get sick, like Lenny
The best advice I've taken for getting over writer's block, translated into any making block, is to just make something bad. Most of the time what holds you up is a fear that what you make wont be good, and that it has to be. But first drafts are never good. So don't stare at a clean white page and halt yourself because you cant quite see the finished project yet. First drafts are bad. So make something bad.
Model something stupid but just put ink on paper.
I've got a similar problem to op. I'm trying to put together a portfolio for a level designer job (hopefully on an indie ue4 game). I'd love some free anon advice.. i'll take belligerent insults too if they're funny.
>what do i NEED for a LD portfolio
>should it be stills, flythroughs, or playables
I'm unsure of where to focus my work time or what i should improve. so i end up flopping back and forth between tutorial subjects without really gaining a mastery of anything. i've been doing this since 2016 and have shit to show for it. I want to have a hireable portfolio by the end of this year.
Don't start with a blank canvas, perhaps model something familiar first and then go from there. For example, if you want to create a character, either have a ready made box model mannequin as a base to work from or just get into the habit of modelling a simple figure and going from there; even regular artists start with stick figures. If you have high expectations while staring at a blank canvas, you are just going to be intimidated; if you give yourself a starting point to improve on, the progression becomes a bit clearer.
It's just procrastination dressed as fear. I get the same feeling when I want to play videogames, I just can't be seeing myself launching the game and playing even if I really want it. This applies especially well to multiplayer games.
You just need to.. do it. No other way, just do it.
What multiplayer games do you play, gaylord?
One particular thing I always do is decide on an amount of time to spend working on something initially. During this period I dont allow myself to get distracted by anything, close all tabs, turn off phone etc.

Im feeling the same here, I want to do environments for games but I guess its linked to level design since you cant have one without the other. What I'm doing atm is just do shit. Focus on a small project, maybe a diorama of some sort that clearly communicates an idea. Somewhat sleep drunk so I aint bothering to check my spelling or if what Im typing makes sense but there ya go
Stop caring about how bad it is. Every professional game or movie you see had needed countless redos so just go fuck it and make whatever. Then go back and fix it later.
Create a tulpa that constantly calls you a faggot until you get started.
You don't.

I've been at this for 10 years now and I still have a heart attack when starting a new project

I'm only afraid of fucking up the things I love. I always ace it because I sleep on it and I apply the knowledge as I go but I still can't shake the fear of failure. I don't want the fear to go away it's very enticing and once I upload the finished product I'm foaming while bracing my ass for the critique

You now need to get off traschan for a few month and get to work or admit you're weak and give up now. It took my friend and cousin 3 years to admit defeat. Don't waste time anon
Sometimes (a lot of the time) thinking gets in the way of doing.

I see countless people who think too fucking much and get so scared about doing something wrong or inefficiently, meanwhile it ironically whizzes right past their heads that overthinking things all the god damn time is pissing even more time away.

Just START. Don't even bother with a direction. At some point you'll have STARTED so much, that the direction comes to you in a flash. Maybe in the middle of DOING, you'll figure out a better way to START again. You'll save that gem for later.
I don't give a shit what field you're in, or what you happen to be doing at any given time. This fact applies to everything.
This OP, make something shitty. It’ll trick your brain into not getting so anxious, because you feel that you don’t have to expect yourself to make something amazing.

If you think you’ve fucked up a model or something don’t think of it as failure. It’s not failure, it’s progress. Fuck up another model and then another until you get something you’re proud of.

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