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How should i get rid of this seams?
Substance Painter
with healing brush
It is different texture sets>Substance Painter don't support this
That's why Mari exists.
Otherwise no real way to fix unless you can count on it being covered up with clothing.

Stop making porn games and clothing will take care of hiding seams.
just say they are scars from mole removal
It looks like the UV map density is broken on the neck. Make the UV seam edge on the torso the exact same length as the UV seam edge on the neck. You can do this more easily by making the edges straight lines and lining them up.

The seams on the arm look about as hidden as you can get in SP. Right now you can either redo it in Mari, or keep it. It looks alright anyway, for mid distance shots nobody will notice a seam like that.
Create a 2nd uv set where those seams are welded.
Transfer map textures
Clean up seams in photoshop.
Assign new texture on map uv2 and bake back to uv1.

This will work for all maps but the normal. Do a similar work flow as above, but use normal map baking rather than texture transferring by setting up a duplicate of you model as the low, and the original with normal maps applied as the high.
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The seams are there because of uneven stretching of the UV map.

Add more seam to eliminate the stretching and deformmation. Blender can show the stretching in faux colors, other editors too.
Question: How do you turn off this feature?

The color chosen to be painted with is being used in this viewport overlay over the entire object. When I start painting, the overlay disappears. Handy feature, I suppose, but don't really want it. I somehow turned it on an hour or two and can't figure out how I did or what the hell its called.

Tried googling this, but can't figure out what the name of this feature is. Any of you know?
Disregard- I was in Projection mode instead of Paint mode. Would delete my post, but system won't let me.

New question:
Why doesn't the eraser erase a painted line by default?

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