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File: Odd Lines.jpg (244 KB, 1638x648)
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Anyone know how to cap off this end without the artifacts appearing around the edge? I'm working on an airplane and this is the very end of the tail. The smoothed shape looks fine from most angles but there's definitely some weird shit going on.
If the faces are smooth shaded, the cause of those lines definately could be faces inside the object
I mean some lines extruded on the inside or something
you should do something like this

start with the tip, subdivide a cube twice then apply, then cut it in half.

then slowly adjust the proportions, you can use lattice or proportional editing for that
Also this
Remember when you use the subdivision modifier, anything other that quads don't turn out well
Tris and polygons subdivide poorly and you will have to retopo
File: Better Lines.jpg (62 KB, 642x212)
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Alright cool, I think I've gotten it to a good point. I probably should have started at the tail end of the airplane and gone with a subdivided cube, but I started on the nose and extruded a cylinder. I'll probably be back with more questions, thanks guys
File: 1444930113698.jpg (118 KB, 380x247)
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It's actually a pretty sight to see a nice thread every now and then like this between all the mutual verbal into face vomiting and pissing on this board.
You know, people helping each other out and getting forward with their hobby.
i concur.

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