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I need to find more inspiration in 3D art and see what it can really do, what kind of emotions and stories it can tell. I've seen a ton of work which looks awesome but is ultimately meaningless, so I actually search for concept art when I need to generate some ideas of my own.

So, what are some of your favourite 3D artworks? What are the artists you think everybody should follow? Just post good, meaningful 3D works to inspire people.

Random pic from some article.
Shemale 3D stereo porn is the future of the medium
Rodolpho Souza did a nice rendition of sub zero
not super original but looks better than how wb games design him
Hey! awesome thread.
> I've seen a ton of work which looks awesome but is ultimately meaningless
can you explain this a little more. you posted image, can you explain what meaning it has?

Agree that it has Better design than NRS designs, because their designs are really bad. but this also has problems... proportions.
his knuckles are soo tiny... when you are creating fighting game characters you must think that main focus will be chaarcters fists and feet, when character will move. so a little bit of exaggeration will be a good idea. that way players will see what is going on the screen much easyer.
Thanks, well honestly, I found this image in some article about inspiring 3D art. Here it is actually:


So I didn't try to show it as an example of a "meaningful" piece, it was kind of unrelated. But now if you ask me about it - yeah, I do like it. I don't want to try to write analysis on it and say what it means, but I imagine that he is holding the skull of his ancestor, and is in some kind of trance... It's interesting to look at.

I was talking about the art which could potentially be shown in art galleries one day, just like the works of the great masters (either painters or photographers), you know. It maybe sounds a bit pretentious, but really, I just want to see more 3D artworks that make me think and feel something, which is not that often, unfortunately. Usually I will admire the technical aspects, texturing, rendering and all that, and it could look pleasant, but in the end, I'll forget about it the moment I close my browser. This is one of the examples of that as well >>601846, okay, the model is nice and all that, but you wouldn't sell that picture or hang it in a gallery now, right? This is just a showcase of somebody's work. It doesn't invoke any feelings - nothing.

So yeah, I understand it depends on the person - you might not find works of van Gogh interesting either, but I wonder if there are people which might one day be compared and respected on the same level of one Picasso or Rembrandt. If 3D art is even capable of being looked at that highly.
I'll continue here and post some links, which I think are good artists and we can learn from their works.
first of all, when we are searching for inspirations, we MUST never stop on one style, we should go and look at everything(I'm not saying that we should look at beginner's works for inspiration), every style has something that we can learn from there.
we also MUST go and watch 2d also as 3d artists. and I think 2d is much more to offer than 3d. 2d art is very old, but 3d? it's like a decade since it started to spread. thereare much more 2d prophesionals than 3d. but now Zbrush is kinda merging many 2d-3d artists. and it's fucking awesome.

also I weill never understand artists who follow one style and hate others, for example people who only like realism and hate everything stylised, people who hate "anime", people who only like anime. people who only like low poly, etc... etc... every quality art form has something to offer you, so don't put urselves in a box.
And just to add - maybe it is like that just where I live, but even on the internet or international TV, I haven't ever really seen somebody talking about some 3D "auteur", you know. Somebody whose visions are respected and followed. It's all just kinda about the money here, it seems to me. I just don't see that people look at talents in this industry the same way as they look at other artists, musicians, actors, directors etc. You would see interviews with some local painter or a pianist, but never with a "3D artist". It's like they don't even exist. I don't know, I'm probably just rambling...
3D is babby level. 4D and 5D are superior

that's the thing, 3d is very young thing. it will some day get to the point which will have "Art Value".
your point is not "pretentious", you are just seeking different thing in different place. you won't find that "value" in character concept, in reality that character is not complete image, it is not a scene. it is a characher which can be part of the composition. then you can judge it as artwork. i'd suggest to go and watch shows or discussions about fine arts. the final image's sucess is depened on so many factors, not only emotions.
Given that 2D is older and older stuff is superior and more respected, 1D is the real deal.

t. line artist
1D is the child of 0D, the true way to live
File: adrian-smith-march.jpg (402 KB, 1300x919)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
these are some portion of artists which I follow, from almost every medium.
oh and alsi I think if the artist is good, he/she absolutely MUST have distinct style.

>2D characters/Composition
adrian smith one of absolute 2d gods, he's art literally has balls when you look at it )))
Ruan Jia, other 2d god, with amazing sense of scale, detail, brushwork... really this guy is on other level.
Puppeteer Lee, sci-fi Military characters, with very distinct style.
Igor Sid, concept art with awesome forms and aesthetics. (one of my fav)

>3D composition/ character
Sheridan Doose, Comic book style, with great forms and detail.
Franco Carlesimo another amazing Comic book sculptor.

>3D/2D/ creature/sci fi
Maciej Kuciara, one of concept art gods, nowdays, from blade/ghost in the shell/ etc..
Kurt Papstein, amazing creature artist, with Alien esque style. (one of my fav)
yang qi917, concept artist, mostly eastern style creatures and robots with great detail.
Gerard Kravchuk, Comic book and manga characters in 3d with great detail.
>I post this image because I want d to be on this level.
Artwork Name name(Adrian Smith, march)

I'll continue in next post
All about that minimalism. This explains that the pure white canvas art piece truly is the highest form of art.
File: paul-pepera-cs09f.jpg (593 KB, 1172x1500)
593 KB
593 KB JPG

>2D characters/Composition
Antonio J. Manzanedo, illustrator and concept designer, awesome colors and forms.
Marta Dettlaff, concept artist, amazing colors amd designs.
Stanton Feng Concept designer, illustrator
Guangjian Huang, one of guys who's on oher level with his technique.
Ching Yeh, concept artist with organic and mechanical theme.
xi zhang, very distinct girl/creature artist.
Calum Alexander Watt, awesome sci-fi concepts.

>3D composition/ character
Pascal Blanché, character illustrations with distinct style and colour
Oliver Milas, this guy has amazing aesthetics and very colourful characters.
Dzung Phung Dinh, Character artist with very distinct stylised look.
Marcin Klicki, character artist, (witcher)
Luis Gomez-Guzman, also stylised characters
Hector Moran (HEC) stylised characters.

>3D/2D/ creature/sci fi
Nivanh Chanthara, awesome artist who mixes organic with hard surface.
Paul Pepera, absolutely amazing si-fi/spaceship interiors and designs. also he's color add so much in he's artworks.
Brian Sum this guy's mechanical forms are very distinct and awesome.
Maarten Verhoeven, detailed creatures with religious horror twist.
jarold Sng, also skulls and machines.

these are some artists who'm I remembered isntantly.
File: mars-zzz-007.jpg (517 KB, 1301x1524)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
0d is too much for me man,
0,5D FTW!!

and also 1/3 D is the future.
Aw man, Paul Pepera...
his design is just a series of rip offs
then why don't you show us, the artists to follow??
learn to take criticism. You worship that bland art like its the shit, but its just more of the same. I've seen so many designs just like that
I've seen 2 or 3 such artworks, but they're lost...
One of them was countess (?) with chastity belt on and some guy with set of lockpicks nearby (probably to unlock it). If anybody else remember the name of artist or has that image we would love to see it
What kind of criticism did you even give to the guy? You just made some claim without any arguments, doesn't make sense. Explain to the rest of us why do you think that artist is bad. I mean, come on...
I look for original, rare art. My house is filled to the fucking brim with books, movies, etc. I've seen so many of these shitty designs you just linked. All shit
>You worship that bland art like its the shit,
uh..oh.. saying that made you sooo edgy.. I'm trembling here..
of course you've seen it all, man.. that's why you are you
Literally educate us a bit, then. Please. Add something useful to this thread.
ive seen more than i should, and while I'm not industry, I have eyes that can differentiate. I'm not just another blind follower of lame designs
File: oliver-milas-finalcover.jpg (216 KB, 1920x1222)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
oh sorry man, I should have posted Chris Foss. I did not knew you were here,
I hope at least, you really take something from all these original art you look at.

>pic releted
artist Oliver Milas
>oh and alsi I think if the artist is good, he/she absolutely MUST have distinct style.
which is shared by a fuckton of other artists.
The only medium that's original right now is VR, which is still shit, senpai
what are you even saying with this?
most amateurs can not diferentiate that style, but I've meant, when you see artwork and you know that it is made by someone without checking their name. that's their distinct style, nobody will come up with new type of "art"
you are just throwing out words here, are you drunk? go somewhere else, nobody likes you here anyway.
heres what I mean by that : NOTHING original can come in 2D. Only 3D VR animations have a chance at going on and evolving into something more. Otherwise, it'll always be like the cave paintings you see in the museum - you'd wonder why that species stopped there etc
that's very strange way to say all that.
but VR animations are not anything special, they are monitors close to your eyes and camera attached to your neck. at least what VR is today.
I think what will became more of an art form is worldbuilding. which is already happening with video games, but Video games is too niche right now to be "art form", it's not for everybody. it has controlls barrier.

VR is great tool to delve in these worlds, tho. which I had very small experience with. because I was not hyped for it. I love gaming, but for me, controlls is one of the biggest things in gaming. Which MUST evolve to the point, where you'll be able to controll yourself in VR. then it'll became truly great experience. there is also research for other forms of VR, not just monitors to your eyes.

but VR will be used more than only gaming. and that's where that Worldbuilding will come into play.

> again I'll post artwork, just because thread is about that.
>but VR animations are not anything special
they give you an extra dimension. Think about that for a second.

A 3d, new dimension is a bigger leap than from black and white to color

>but VR animations are not anything special, they are monitors close to your eyes and camera attached to your neck. at least what VR is today.
They give the result depth. In the coming years it will get more and more advanced to where we probably have implants like in Ghost in the Shell
I agree about VR, I have a feeling that it will become a big thing for experiencing unique worlds, and as someone who mostly does environment art, I look forward to it. "Digital tourism" might really become a thing now.
agree man, I've meant how it is now. it's controll is the main thing that I'm not big fan of, for now.
but it will get figured out, of course. as will glasses became, more and more sophisticated.

also, 2d and 3d skills will be, what will build these worlds, inside VR.

of course it will, that's also what I think. and envoirment art is awesome. I'm character guy, but I will expand to envoirment at some point.
File: devendra-dewan-check1.jpg (556 KB, 1920x2560)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Comic book characters done right IDK but for me this is memorable.
if there will be animation with this kind of art style, people will definitely like it.
File: Wu_Song_finalRender.jpg (884 KB, 4000x2409)
884 KB
884 KB JPG

>Wu Song beats the Tiger [Zbrush mdeling/Keyshot Render]
many detailed shots and other renders here
File: wusong.jpg (62 KB, 480x409)
62 KB
>Concept art :D
File: 11.jpg (869 KB, 2059x2059)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
>trying to not think about that.
>Chinese/Koreans are maniacs... when it comes to detail.

really, the amount of detaili is on bulshit level there.
Sculpting is one thing, it's like, okay maybe if I put my head down and focus I can do it.

But then you have to PAINT it as well, and if you fuck that up everything is ruined. Goddamn.

How do the chinks do it? Their brain power is too damn strong.
All AZNS are high-functioning autists, that's why.

the worst thing is, when you see these overdetiled shit,
you think that it's made by some seasoned pro, and then goole the artist, he's fuckin' 20...

>https://www.artstation.com/ruanjia for example
i honestly can't feel the threat from chinese
yes, the detail and polish is crazy, but it's a polished turd 99% of the time
File: 1408756641126.png (43 KB, 446x367)
43 KB

why do I even bother trying?

my only satisfaction is that he probably ends up in some shady sweatshop-type studio, creating 1,000,000 clones of the same soulless asian MMORPG.
why the fuck are you so upset? i can understand be envy of syd mead level of talent and creativity, but this dude? really?

agree 100 %. anyway, people who are on "that" level are very, very few. and asians have their own distinct style. there won't be only that style.

ruan jia is really good tho. I would not call he's works turd.
he's just... asian. it's hard to have connection to styles and motiffs which was not always near, when we grew up.
but, for example I'd take Adrian Smith over him 100%
> https://www.artstation.com/adrian-smith

Actually he does many works all around the world. blizzard for example.
i didn't call his works turds.
>it's a polished turd 99% of the time
in context of "great" chinese artist I should be afraid of
I just found this image, I absolutely love it...
awesome painting skills...

File: Alan-Warburton.jpg (41 KB, 1060x662)
41 KB
I'm just going to leave this here
i appreciate his taste in women more than his skills to, be honest
it's rare to see a great 3d artist who isn't cucked by tumblr
>who isn't cucked by tumblr
can you explain?
I'm kinda slow on memes and trends...
portraying pretty females is offensive because they are pretty. double oppression points if portrayed female is white. penalty: witch hunt, getting you fired off the job.
unless you are eastern european. then you are immune to this shit. and this guy is eastern european. godspeed based slav.
Yeah.. Censoring sucks, but it happens because people who are defending it always scream and moan like kids.
You can not stand woth them and look like normal person. Because both sides are same cunts in reality...
I blame this "vocal minority" for empowering the other(sjw) vocal minority.
No that's complete and utter bullshit.
You can blame whoever you want, but that doesn't make it real.
Feminists and SJW are not here and try to get a hold on society because somebody was whining about something, they want power over society. Period.
Censorship of artistic expression is always wrong, no matter the reason.
LOL .. so funny & true
you missed my point actually... Censoring is horrible and I'm against it 100%, but some people who are also against it act as complete bitches, then everyone who is trying to go against censorship are associated with them. because of that, many people stopped going against censorship and who were pushing it got the attention they wanted.
2/10 toe is clipping through sandal
Yeah, some people are stupid and fall for the guilt by association argument...you point is? Letting yourself led astray by that red herring?
Looks generic/10. You are an obvious amateur with wooden eyes.

It speaks for itself.
Love how thick he makes his girls.
Fukken followed.
it took me a while to see the 2nd woman
Try Brian Tessler (Brian Brian Brian Brian) and Ratboy Genius. Cyber8 and Nicholas Federov also make some good stuff.
There are at least three women in the picture.
File: rafael-resende-finalcomp.jpg (233 KB, 1364x1948)
233 KB
233 KB JPG

this dude is considered an "artist" and has shows in many galleries etc..
btw he works in maya,
if you want your work 3d to get any art value, you must go waaay out of box.

PS: I'm not saying that I like his works very much, just the artist compliments the thread
I couldn't tear myself away from Danny Trejo's face staring at me.
File: 01 (3).jpg (790 KB, 4862x4862)
790 KB
790 KB JPG
anyone wants to share their inspo folder? I'll post mine if someone post theirs but I only have like 2K images of all sorts of stuff.

I also posted many links, but apperantly nobody cares ))

there is even couple of same links
File: stock-photo-228641121.jpg (1.45 MB, 2048x1365)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
I could share mine. It's more of a reference folder tho. How do you suggest to share it? Because I don't know..
This thread is not about sharing references, so please stay on topic.
File: johnson-ting-11.jpg (220 KB, 751x1063)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I was talking about sharing inspirational 3d art images though.
You could use MegaSync is a desktop app that lets you select a folder on your pc and sync it to the cloud I think it has over 50GB of free storage, I use it all the time to share or backup stuff.
here's the inspo folder, you could share references if you want I'm missing those.

Oh, ok then. I just saw the attached photo and thought you were talking about that kind of references.
that's also 3d though
Oh not that one, I was talking about the photo of plane. You were not that guy.
Asians are not inherently better in any way, they just produce so many fuckin people that they end up brute forcing the numbers so hard that they end up producing a lot of intelligent people
This you know, but what you don't know is, for each of these intelligent people there's a bumfuck gajillion number of absolutely nobodies and total retards

I live here and I fucking know how retarded most are
I don't think that anyone is arguing about that... and we also know how big china is... if you compare it to actual good artists or people from other spheres...

but point is, they have their own thing in artworks, kinda only they do )), I'm not even saying that it's good, but no one tops them in detail and technic )) (this does not mean that they are the best tho)
File: hooman-xaghrat2500.jpg (523 KB, 1920x1197)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
I beg you for some great environments for inspiration (big or small), thanks in advance, senpaitachi.
File: 1514588206666.jpg (762 KB, 1920x1080)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
I love these clay renders, and these brown ones are the comfiest.
File: 1379480_159220_largee.jpg (276 KB, 1920x620)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
File: 1465635044386.png (1.75 MB, 1920x1080)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Nothing short of cringeworthy
actually the person who did this is browsing here
File: farhad-nojumi-5.jpg (188 KB, 777x952)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
File: farhad-nojumi-8.jpg (349 KB, 1920x882)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
just dumping cool shit.
File: 1379480_159216_large.jpg (153 KB, 940x459)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
File: hannu-koskinen-final1.jpg (499 KB, 1800x1258)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Please? Characters are nice, but I don't see any story in "studio shoot" renders. I'd like to see some scene, some movement in the scene, characters interacting with each others, emotions, you know... Something that I will actually remember and experience, unlike expressionless characters on dark backgrounds (no matter how good they are). That's what the OP was all about, although unfortunately people probably didn't completely get the question in it.

I'm talking about the pieces which will stand the test of time, which you can call a true art. You can't tell me you're serious when you post an A-pose of a character as an answer to that prompt.

This is only making me more pessimistic about this whole industry, because it seems the pieces I'm searching for are really rare. Too much pure beauty, but not enough soul in it.
>femnazi cut
please take this garbage and leave

*tips fedora*
that's because they detail things senselessly, why waste time on detailing a part that will be unseen or barely seen when you can use that time to improve something else or just do better things

I don't think you get the point of the thread... the OP was saying to post scenes and compositions, he just worded it differently,

agree! studio character renders has no value at all, (as complete artwork). if there is no composition, there is no story. characters are created to participate in some stories, which can be showcased with compositions )
Not him, but I think you've continued to miss the point.
People are stupid, and that's why you need to tailor your arguments to them.
If you go on a rant about SJWs they will lump you into the alt-right group.
No matter how convincing your argument or premise they will now dismiss it, and it will enable third wave feminists to gain more control than if you had talked like a reasonable person.
Instead of saying, "you're not cucked by tumblr."

"Say violent/sexual media does not cause people to rape/murder. Even if it did these people are still adults responsible for their own actions."

"Children will always find this stuff anywhere not just in my own work, and it's up to parents to make sure their kids are raised right."

"If you want to see works of fiction with strong female characters then make them yourself.
You do not control what I make."

Usually these will be enough to derail any argument that feminists will make towards your work, if you keep with them.
Using words like SJW will only further polarize people, and destabilize our country as a whole.
you worded what I wanted to say 100 % )) thanks )

people who are against censoring, they themselves talk about any sexuality, in any form as it is porn.
even if it is used as comedic purposes, for example many fanservice in animes.
many artists create sexy characters because they think it's how cool females look... not because porn sells..
when you yourself sell any sexual hints as porn, some people will get wrong ideas. (you are basement virgin, jerking to video games)

if you want to defend what you like, learn how to do it. attacking whoever you don't like empowers them, you won't sarce them off with rude words and rape threats... that's how many "feminists" actually got famous and influential and now are censuring your shit.
speak for yourself pleb. I make my girls sexy just because it sells. Look at artstation and the flood of girls with such broken backs that they show both boobs and ass at the same time
haha ))
I said many tho, not every...

(I know this is not a composition. but texturing work makes it worhwile... (PIC releted))

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