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just wondering. is anyone using linux? what are your experience, what software do you use? is it worth it? what is your job?
I used to use linux for a fx company and it was okay. I didn't do shit to set it up and it seemed like a pain in the ass to fix when it broke or crashed but I also had a macbook and a lenovo with win7 running alongside the machine. I hated working with linux to be honest. Windows does just as much and was more stable. The linux machines were okay with speeds and rendering. Not like minutes or hours were saved. Like a few seconds less than windows or mac. It's not that special of an OS. Linux is for programmers really. It's useless for everything else.
Using Ubuntu because I got finally fed up with the constant shit you have to put up with modern Windows.
I always hesitated because most programs I use do not natively run on Linux but I was amazed how well the compatibility layer (Wine and in my case PlayOnLinux) works so I actually got everything to work almost perfectly and without a noticeable slowdown.

I also used to use Daz Studio years back when I didn't model stuff myself and I tested this just for the shits and was surprised that it also runs under Wine even with iRay (CUDA).

The price for all this of course is to look up things here and there but it became really easy compared to just a couple years ago. I used to swear a lot about Linux for being unnecessarily complicated in some ways but as I said, it became way easier and meanwhile the Windows experience went to complete and utter shit in the recent years.
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I am. I understand enough about my computer that windows tends to get in my way more than help me. So in my particular case it was worth it. I'm not an artist by trade, though, and I would really hesitate to recommend it to a tech-illiterate person. I'm also REALLY fighting back the urge to post the interjection copypasta.
>tends to get in my way more than help me.
Same exact thing here. It annoyed me a dozen time too many and then I quit.
Are you just talking about Windows 10? Cause it's still not as bad as looking up basic tutorials on how to get sounds to run properly in ubuntu. Linux is unnecessarily complicated for even basic shit. And most of the programs will do the job but there are not better than windows or mac even. It's funny cause I've had nothing but problems with Wine and all of my programs just worked in windows. I think you bought into the meme of 10 being bad if that's what you're trying to say.
>Linux is unnecessarily complicated for even basic shit.
I guess that makes me a turbo autist hyper genius because I didn't find it that bad to set up compared to a decade ago, the last time I tried and it sure as hell keeps my blood pressure down compared to the shit I endured with anything that came after W7.

But as the other guy said, if Windows runs fine for you and you're happy with it, stick with it.
I have a dual boot windows 10/linux laptop running just blender and maya on the linux side of things. I was originally trying out speed tests and I don't mind linux that much. It's not my favorite but then again, I'm just using Ubuntu and obviously there's a bunch of distros for different needs but I will say it's weird, jarring, and a little intimidating using the command line to even install a basic program to the dock (The latest Blender on Ubuntu is 2 or 3 patches behind). I know that's probably super easy to do; I'm just too lazy to google it or care really... but I think that's where the OP was coming from with "basic shit". But I mostly save work on thumb drives and Google Drive/Dropbox, so switching over to windows to finish isn't that bad at all. I agree with the last op though. Different tools for different jobs I guess. If windows is good, stick with it. If you like osx, right on. If Linux is your jam, keep on jamming!
>a little intimidating using the command line
Only if you're influenced by movies and actors typing wildly into black text boxes, being 1337hAx0rz-faggits.
Two decades ago it was everyday life to type commands in DOS prompts. That's also the reason why I at first found it really backwards that this is often the way to go in most Linux distros still but after getting used to it found it to be OK or even faster (real PROs of course get way much more out of this).
For example it definitely is faster to just type the command for installing a program followed by the program name than looking it up over a search engine, browse the site to find the download link, save the file to your folder, unpack it and then install it but I understand that it doesn't seem right for people who're not into computer shit.
I kinda see it like controls in a car. In old cars you had a button or wheel for almost every function and now more and more gets stuffed into a fucking tablet in the middle of the dashboard. In the old car you were at first overwhelmed by the amount of buttons but after a while you could control everything without even looking. Now, if you want to switch on your seat heaters you have to go through several menus to find the control or to change the radio station you first have to get out of the map modus. For newcomers the tablet approach is probably easier to get into but for people who still know how it was when you were able to control shit blindly, it's a fucking unnecessary pain in the arse.
I've thought about making the switch to Wine; Windows 10 pisses me off, even after I've (tried to) shut off all the bloatware.
>most of the programs will do the job but there are not better than windows or mac even
Personally I find that there are way more alternatives on linux for basically everything.
From my experience, they work better than any of the alternatives on windows, as well.
I'd use Linux solely if wine was a 100% success at emulation.
people are still feeling rebellious, huh?
hope they grow up soon and quit using meme software.
I use Void Linux, this is a distro which favor up to date softwares (at the expense of stability) and installing Blender needed only one command in the terminal. Updating every software is really easier than in Windows because with only one command i can update every software (in Windows you may do it manually for every software!). I use wine for few Windows programs but generally alternatives are better or softwares are also available on Linux. Softwares runs generally better in Linux but it's not "really" noticeable (5 seconds less for a 5min render compared to Windows). I still dual boot for the game CS GO because it runs poorly on Linux (performance is a priority in this game).
The best thing is to dual boot Windows/Linux and just force yourself to use Linux and after some weeks you may be able to make your choice.
How'd you get Daz working? Which wine version?
I can get the install manager to install but every time I try to install the actual program from install manager there is some sort of install error.
Tried compiling UE4 on ubuntu. Runs decent to my surprise, however: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Linux_Known_Issues
Pretty much the second I use two monitor setup, it becomes unusable. Very sad!
Trying out Linux since the meltdown/spectre patches royally fucked me in windows. Those issues I was having are gone and to my absolute amazement all the software I use performs better under Linux. The only thing is no Zbrush, I got installed and licensed under wine 3.0 but no further yet. So I keep my Windows partition around for Zbrush and games. I am looking at alternatives for sculpting, my work does not require all the functionality zbrush has, I may be able to get away with using Blender, 3d-coat and or Mudbox.

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