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Swarmed with new ideas, but when I try to finish one in 3D I always get disoriented and just generally demoralised halfway

How do I stick to things and finish them
I've got so many ideas and unfinished works but I never can get it all done
finishing a project is really a grind, you do have to force your way through it. Demotivation happens with every time consuming hobby and there's no way around it other than just plowing through it.
I usually can do that well using weed for some reason, but I use that very rarely, cant use that as a crutch
how do I just push through ?

Having this same feel. Don't worry about it, just envision the final product and try to hold on to that feeling of accomplishment while you push through. If you make yourself work a little bit on it every day, you'll eventually start to see progress.
like this poster (>>601452
) said, you should probably have a schedule so you can work on it piece by piece so that way you'll have consistent progress. If you try everything at once you might demotivate yourself further.
that's one of the main traits of a good and seasoned artist, you must know your tools to the point, when you'll be able to fully realise what's in your head with tools you know.
in other words "git gud". )) then you'll be able to make what's in your head.
other thing is to sketch what you want to make, and follow that sketch ( which I also never do :()
I always draw out things on paper then with grease pencil before I begin the 3D bit
then follow it, and you'll get it done.
my problem is that I go on gunz blazing ) freestile. with just vague idea of a character. (I'm leaning to character art)
and when I'm done, tooo much time has passed and I'm with different thing, but it's generally better than what I have envisioned.

I'm just spending tooo much time designing, and it kinda sucks.

my other problem is, I can not get myself to either make fanart of any character or take someones sketch and follow it, because I want to design everything myself.. but I'm fucking slow. because I'm too perfectionalist, I can spend days on perfect glove...

In other words, I also need help :'(

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